Integrated Marketing Accelerates Sales

Posted by Tom Smith on Tue, Aug, 13, 2013 @ 06:08 AM

Integrated marketing accelerates sales


The latest debate in the marketing industry -- inbound or outbound marketing?

The answer's the same as it was 30 years ago -- TV, radio or print?

All of the above.

Unless you are selling in a VERY unique industy, your prospects are using a number of channels. More today than 30 years ago because there are many more channels available.

So how do you know what channels? Ask them.

The effects of all of the channels are additive -- as long as the message is consistent, coming from one brand, one voice reinforcing the strategic positioning of the brand.

A fully integrated marketing plan is the only way to reach your target audience with a consistent message across different channels -- the channels in which they are engaging.

The channels, the messaging and the tactics must be aligned. Any misalignment will cause confusion among prospects and customers which will result in a loss of trust.

Consider building relationships rather than chasing transactions. People buy from those they  know, like and trust. Work on getting your prospects to know, like and trust you before selling them something.

Do this by providing information of value -- exclusive content, behind-the scenes access, unique expertise and excellent customer service. Again, your customers and prospects will tell you what is valuable to them.  You just need to ask.

What can you do to ensure you are delivering fully integrated marketing across multiple touch points?  Make sure the people developing and implementing your marketing communications understand the meaning and importance of integration -- not just between Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

It will make a difference in your brand perception.

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