Customer Experience Is King

Posted by Tom Smith on Wed, Sep, 04, 2013 @ 06:09 AM

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According to a recent survey from Oracle:

  • 81% of customers are willing to pay more for a superior customer experience.
  • 89% of customers switched brands after a poor customer experience.
  • 20% of annual revenue is lost due to poor customer experiences.
  • 93% of business executives say improving customer experience is one of their top-three business priorities.
  • 18% expect to increase spending on customer experience technology over the next two years.
What is the customer experience at your company?
Have you mapped it?
Have you asked customers about what is was like? What they liked? What could be improved?
If customer experience is so important, why isn't more being done to improve it?
It's not nearly as expensive as getting new customers in the door.
Have a dialogue with customers, and empower employees to do the same, to learn how they view your company and the service they receive.
What do they like? What do you different and better than your competition?
In what areas can you improve? What does your competition do different and better than you?
I'm getting ready to go talk to store managers and customers of a potential client.  I'll be very surprised, and disappointed, if I don't come back with at least a couple of insights that don't surprise my client.
These insights are not necessarily things you should take action on; however, they will give you some thoughts on how you can improve the customer experience.
What actions have you take lately to improve customer experience?
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