Use Data to Provide an Outstanding Customer Experience

Posted by Tom Smith on Mon, Sep, 09, 2013 @ 06:09 AM

Use data to provide an outstanding customer experience


I was recently booked on a Delta flight from RDU through ATL to Cedar Rapids for an interview.

My flight from RDU to ATL developed some unidentified problem while waiting to take off and had to go back to the gate.  

The pilot could not give us an idea of how long it would take to address the problem but it was clear to me that I would not make my flight from ATL to Cedar Rapids with only 50 minutes to make my connection in ATL if my flight from RDU was on time.

The flight was full.  Passsengers were trying to figure out whether or not to stay on the plane or get off the plane and take a chance on getting another flight, or set of flights, to their ultimate destination.

Fortunately is was in the back of the plane with a window seat, not going anywhere fast, so I called the travel agent that had made my reservation.

They were able to let me know there was a flight from RDU to Minneapolis in 80 minutes and that I could get from Minneapolis to Iowa City a couple of hours later than originally planned. Only one seat was remaining.  Did I want it?  No brainer.  Problem solved.  Got off the plane without stressing about dealing with the madding crowd at the gate.

In hindsight, this shouldn't have been an issue.  I have a Delta app on my iPhone. Why didn't Delta immediately offer me the alternative the travel agent provided with a message to my phone.

Delta knows where I'm going. They know I'm not going to make my flight in ATL. Why not use the data they have about me, and the status of their flights, to provide a proactive solution to the problem and take some pressure off their agents?

Hopefully they're working on it.

Everyone's talking about how you can improve marketing by leveraging big data.

How about improving the customer experience by using the data you already have?

If companies aren't thinking about how to use the data they currently have to improve the customer experience, they're wasting money on big data with the goal of getting more customers.

A satisfied customer will spend more, more frequently and have a greater lifetime value than a non-customer or a non-satisfied customer.

Why not invest more to improve the customer experience to have more satisfied customers?

Do you have any examples of how your firm is using data to provide an outstanding customer experience?

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