8 Ways To Optimize Mobile for Your Business

Posted by Tom Smith on Wed, Oct, 09, 2013 @ 06:10 AM

I orginally wrote this post after returning from an American Bankers Association Marketing Conference (#abamktg) where several presenters spoke on the impact mobile banking is having on the industry in 2013. Since that time, I've interviewed more than 100 IT executives on the state of mobile and it keeps growing as the number of mobile devices outnumber the number of PCs and laptops. This division will continue to grow.

With the proliferation and growth of mobile devices, they're having a big impact on every industry -- B2B and B2C.

A couple of interesting factoids:

  • The average smartphone user looks at their device 146 times a day -- more than they look at their significant other. It's interesting that this stat has not changed over the past four years.
  • Smartphone use correlates with youth and wealth. If you want to reach young, well-to-do prospects, smartphones are your best bet. Four years later, if you want to reach anyone, you need to think mobile-first.
Mobile is not a channel, it's the device that we're most involved with.  It's estimated that 90% of people sleep with their smartphone -- it also serves as their alarm clock.
So how can you differentiate your business with smartphones?  
Make it easy for customers and prospects to do business with you via their smartphone.
Here are 10 ways you can optimize mobile for your business:
  1. Build your website with a mobile-first mentality.
  2. Will a mobile app make it simpler and easier for your customers to do business with you? If so, build one that meets their needs.
  3. Use local SEO since more than 70% of searches take place on mobile devices and Google looks at the location of the searcher when serving results.
  4. Engage with your customers and prospects via their smartphones to find out what they need and want.
  5. Build awareness of your business by providing information of value that's easy to consume on mobile devices.
  6. Answer your 10, 20, 30, 100 most frequently asked questions in blog posts that have local SEO content.
  7. User experience and user interfaces are critical. Talk to customers about what does and doesn't work withyour mobile site.
  8. Ensure all email is optimized for mobile, 70%+ of all email is opened on a mobile device.
Ninety percent of millennials now have a smartphone. It's the future of business. Ensure your business is mobile first.
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