3 Questions to Ask to Get More Consumer Insights

Posted by Tom Smith on Tue, Nov, 12, 2013 @ 06:11 AM

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Following are three questions I've found lead to a richer dialog with respondents.

These are not the only questions to ask; however, I recommend making sure you ask them when talking to prospects, customers, channel partners and even management teams to determine is everyone is in alignment.

  1. Can you tell more more about that? When a respondent tells you something you haven't heard before, or weren't expecting, make sure to ask a follow-up question so you understand what's behind their answer. This is another reason I prefer one-on-one's in person or via telephone, so I can engage in an open dialog with the respondent.
  2. What needs does our product (or service) fulfill for you? What else? Keep asking "What else?" until the respondent doesn't have anything else to add. Once you have the list of the needs your product or service provides, ask follow-up questions or for stories that provide examples of how your product/service has helped the respondent.  
  3. What have I failed to ask you that you think we need to know about  . . . (the topic of discussion)? I always like to end with this question since it gives the respondent the opportunity to provide insights on any topics about which we were not smart enough to ask up front.  It also gives the respondent the opportunity to provide additional feedback on questions raised earlier in the discussion that has occurred to them since you moved on to another question.
In addition to asking these questions, you must also listen intensely for what the respondents are saying.
Failing to listen intensely will cause you to miss the opportunity to follow-up on a subtle point made by the respondent. It will also be obvious to the respondent that you're not totally interested in everything they have to say and they will be less forthcoming with what's on their mind.
If you show the respondent you really care about everything they have to say, they'll tell you more than you ever imagined.
That's where you'll get the insights that help you improve your product, service, communications, customer experience and, ultimately, revenue.
Let me know if I can help you.
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