Trust Your Customers to Accelerate Sales

Posted by Tom Smith on Wed, Nov, 13, 2013 @ 06:11 AM

trust your customers to accelerate sales











Do you trust your customers?

Do you ask them what they think of your products or services?

Do you ask them how you can improve your service?

Do you ask them what they consider to be an outstanding customer experience?

Are you comfortable having a dialog with your customer and are they comfortable having a dialog with you?

Your customers know your business better than you do from their perspective. Few companies understand their business from the customers' perspective because they don't ask them about it.

What you think makes you "different and better" may not be what you customer says makes you "different and better" in their eyes.

You need to trust your customers and provide them with opportunities to share their opinions incoporating what you learn into your sales and marketing efforts.

Successful companies have a core group of "raving fans" that share their love for the company with others.

They become "raving fans" because the companies provide a consistently excellent experience for the customer that the customer can count on time after time.

Think about the companies you deal with on a regular basis.  How many provide consistently, outstanding customer experience that you'd be inclined to tell others about?

My guess is it's far fewer than those who provide a poor customer experience that you're not hesitant to tell others about.

Companies that engage in an open dialogue with their customers know when they've done something that hasn't lived up to their customer's expectation because their relationship is such that the customer feels comfortable telling them. This gives the company an opportunity to make it right and regain the customers' trust.

Knowing when and how to say "I'm sorry" is a test for any company in their relationship with customers.

When a company is able to correct what's wrong for a dissatisfied customer, that customer is likely to be with the company longer than the customer who never complains.

In addition, if you've built sufficient positive equity with your customers, they'll forgive you when you don't live up to your promise or their expectation. However, you need to know when those times occur and fix them.

Today, about 61% of consumers read an online review before making a puschase and positive reviews result in an 18% increase in sales.

Isn't it worth your time and energy to engage your customers, identify your "raving fans" and ensure you are delivering a consistently outstanding customer experience for the success of your business?

If you need any help talking to your customers, let me know.

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