B2B Companies Need to Provide Information of Value Upfront

Posted by Tom Smith on Wed, Feb, 05, 2014 @ 10:02 AM

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Several reports have noted that today, 60% of the B2B buying process has taken place before the prospect ever speaks to a sales person.

  • The prospect has already checked out your website, and that of your competitors.
  • They've read your blog posts and those of your competitors.
  • They've been in LinkedIn groups and asked questions about you and your competitors.
  • They've read reviews of your product or service, as well as those of your competitors.

So why not go ahead and provide all of the information your prospects might want upfront?

It accelerates your sales process and eliminates non-qualifying prospects upfront thus eliminating calls on people who are not prospects for your product or service.

Providing information of value gets you more web traffic and generates more leads.

By answering prospects' questions upfront, you earn their trust and you establish yourself, or your firm, as the thought-leader as well as the industry leader.

Be willing to share anything in advance that you would share on a sales call.

If you're afraid to do so because your information is proprietary, you can assume your competitors will get the information within an hour of you providing to a prospect.

The internet rewards those who share information and penalizes those who hoard information.

Answer every question a customer has ever asked online, preferably on a blog. This wll create awareness, trust, improve your website's SEO and generate more leads.

So how do you handle the price question? In a straightforward manner. Our prices are based on the needs and requirements of the customer. A basic single unit costs $X while we have developed customer enterprise-wide solutions for $Y. We'll be able to give you a more specific quote once we know your needs.

Fail to answer prospect questions upfront in a straightforward, transparent manner and you'll fail to earn their trust, and possibly a call from the prospect.

By the way, when the prospect does call, or send an inquiry, answer the phone or respond immediately.

Companies that respond in five minutes, or less, are 100-times more likely to convert that lead to a qualified prospect than those that reply in 30 minutes. Fewer than 37% of companies respond within the hour.

This will improve as companies realize the importance of immediate response. Are you prepared to make the commitment to improve?

In the age of the internet, use content to establish awareness, thought leadership, trust, traffic and leads. Then be prepared to follow-up on those leads the moment they come in. 

Let me know if you need any help developing a content marketing strategy that will generate trust, awareness, traffic and leads.

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