Earn Trust to be an Industry Leader and Accelerate Sales

Posted by Tom Smith on Tue, Mar, 11, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

you must earn trust to be a leader








The internet and social media are a great equalizers.


You can no longer say you're one thing and be another.


If you claim to be a market leader you must act like one.


There are several ways to do that:

  1. Share information of value
  2. Answer prospect and customer questions before they ask them

  3. Be forthcoming with information
  4. Be out in front with a point-of-view on industry issues
  5. Treat your customers as you would want to be treated rather than as just another sale

  6. Have a helpful and informative website

Failure to do any of these things in the age of the internet and social media will expose you as a fraud and cause prospective customers to disregard you because you have not been forthcoming or transparent.


You have neither gained, nor earned, the trust of those to whom you are trying to provide a product or service.


Earn trust by having integrity, sharing information of value and having an open discussion with those with whom you aspire to have a relationship.


Failure to do so will result in no relationship because you cannot be trusted.


Be real. Be reliable. Be responsive. Or, be gone.


What are you doing to be an industry leader?


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