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Posted by Tom Smith on Tue, Mar, 18, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

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Great webinar presented by Adele Revella, president of the Buyer Persona Institute on Buyer Personas: The Five Insights Every Marketer Needs to Nail.  


Adele has also written an ebook, The Buyer Persona Manifesto.


Having conducted a lot of quantitative and qualitative research throughout my career and written an e-book about obtaining consumer insights, I found Adele's presentation to be very consistent with my experience.


Adele proposes using buyer personas to clarify the following marketing decisions:

  1. Where to prioritize your marketing investments
  2. When sales people and campaigns can engage qualified buyers
  3. How to focus creative and marketing efforts that impact buyers' choices
  4. Why your strategy has the highest potential to achieve its goals
  5. What to include in message strategy and marketing content
  6. Who salespeople and lead generation campaigns should target


I have used quantitative and qualitative research to answer all of these questions and the process is invaluable and one you cannot replicate simply by reviewing analytics.


We conducted quantitative research with 3,289 pool and spa dealers to understand their attitudes and perceptions as well as what they wanted from their equipment supplier.  This research informed a marketing and channel management plan that enabled PacFab to increase sales 35% in one year and to become the market leader in three years.


We conducted one-on-one interviews with Statoil Energy executives and telephone surveys with 1,300 corporate executives at 900 companies in 17 industries to inform the strategic positioning of the company and develop an integrated marketing plan which helped the company win customers, increase customer satisfaction and increase renewal rates.


We conducted in-depth interviews with Sappi Fine Paper merchants to improve channel relationships, and benchmark satisfaction for ISO 9002 requirements and inform the marketing plan.   Identified fine paper segments with the greatest revenue and margin opportunities to increase Sappi market share from 26.7% to 29.3% and rebuild relationships that had eroded.


We conducted quantitative research that resulted in the successful introduction of Mederma for Kids after obtaining insights from moms on how they feel about scars on their children. This informed our marketing communications efforts and resulted in the successful launch of a line extension.


Having a dialog with your prospects and customers is invaluable. You cannot imagine the insights consumers will provide until you speak with them and listen intensely. They will tell you much more than you can get by just looking at analytics.

Unfortunately, a lot of senior managers and sales people don't feel this is a good investment. They think they already know what their customers are thinking, need and want.

I can safely say that I have never done any research without finding something worthwhile and insightful that we did not already know.

How have buyer personas helped your marketing efforts?


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