10 Reasons Every B2B Firm Needs a Blog

Posted by Tom Smith on Tue, Mar, 25, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

every B2B business needs a blog










Great stats from a recent edition of Target Marketing Magazine why every B2B business needs a blog.


Here are 10 reaseons every B2B business needs to write blogs on a regular basis:

  1. 70% of buyers view four or more pieces of content when making a considered purchase.

  2. 71% of buyers trust brands that provide information of value without trying to sell something.

  3. B2B companies that create content generate 67% more leads than companies that don't.

  4. Buyers go through nearly 60% of the buying cycle before contacting a rep.

  5. Buyers are now researching online instead of calling salespeople to discuss their problems and suggest solutions.

  6. Buyers don't want to see a rep until maybe the last 20% of the buying process.

  7. Sales people have lost control of the sales process. Marketing can help by identifying buying signals and by building trust with prospects, marketing qualified leads (MQL's) before they are ready to see a salesperson, sales qualified leads (SQL's).

  8. 72% of B2B buyers begin their searches with Google. Providing information of value will improve grassroots search engine optimization (SEO) and website visits as a result of organic search.

  9. Businesses that blog get 55% more web traffic than businesses that don't.

  10. 57% of businesses have acquired a new customer as a result of their blog.


Before adding more sales people, begin writing blog posts that answer all of your customers' and prospects' questions. That should give you at least six months worth of posts.


Encourage your sales and marketing folks to come up with additional content that customers and prospects would find helpful.


Based on my personal experience, providing educational and useful information of value, five days a week for six months will double your web traffic. improve SEO and generate leads.


Providing this information to marketing qualified leads (MQL's) is a form of lead nurturing that will help convert MQL's to sales qualified leads (SQL's) thereby making your sales people more productive, efficient, successful and happy.


Are you providing infomation of value to customers and prospects on a regular basis? It's more efficient and productive than cold calling. 


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