Does Your Brand Tell a Consistent Story?

Posted by Tom Smith on Fri, Mar, 28, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

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I've worked with a number of companies that failed to understand the importance of design in delivering a consistent brand image and message to customers and prospects.


Perhaps it's the advent of the Mac and the proliferation of content, but companies fail to understand the importance of presenting a consistent brand image, look and tone across all of its communications.


Every time a customer or prospect sees, your website, an email, a business card, an ad, or a piece of sales collateral from your company, they are getting an impression of your company.


Are they getting a consistent, well thought-out message or a confused impression?


Consistency breeds trust. Inconsistentcy breeds confusion and distrust.


Two logos are not acceptable.


Seven different looking business cards from seven different printers are not acceptable.


They are confusing.


They erode your brand image, if you even have one.


I urge you to use a professionally trained graphic designer to develop brand standards and guidelines and then work to ensure that anyone producing any materials representing your firm -- including Powerpoint presentations and hats -- stays true to the standards and guidelines.

All of the visual elements of your brand need to communicate a consistent story about who your brand is and why the consumer should make an emotional connection to it.

Your brand should be memorable, unique and create a positive reactions and associations.

If you need help from a professional designer, please let me know. I know plenty ready to help you build a consistent brand.


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