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Posted by Tom Smith on Wed, May, 14, 2014 @ 11:05 AM


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My mother passed away acouple of weeks ago and I went to the bank with my 81 year-old father to help him make some changes to their accounts.


Since he was switching accounts to which his social security check would be automatically deposited, his banker told him he needed to call social security to change the routing and account number.


We called the social security office, his banker knew the codes to get through the phone tree. We still ended up waiting to talk to someone for 45 minutes before my father's banker needed to go to another appointment.


On the way home, my father talked about the sad state of customer service in the U.S. and how the bar must be at an all-time low with regards to companies and government entities providing customer service.


Having studied this for the better part of my career, I couldn't disagree.


When we got to his house, I fired up my computer and secure, mobile hotspot and got on the social security administration website.


My father doesn't use a computer and the wifi-network in his retirement community isn't secure so he wouldn't want to conduct business on it.


I was able to set up is account with the social security administration and change the account to which his monthly check is sent in under 10 minutes.


My father was ecstatic that he didn't have to spend hours waiting to speak to someone at the social security office but was equally dismayed that this is yet another example of where all the jobs have gone.


I'm on the board of a credit union. While we have an online banking app as sophisticated as any large financial institution, we use Intuit, we still have branches to serve customers who want to come into a branch because they're not online or they're not comfortable dealing with an ATM.


If all your customers and prospects are millennials, you may be able to get away with having only a mobile app and a website.


However, if you still have baby boomers and beyond, think about how they want to be served as well.


Serve customers in the channel where they are most comfortable buying from, and interacting with, you.


While many customers are comfortable dealing with customer service issues online. A lot still want to talk to a real person. This real person gives you the opportunity to make an emotional connection with your customer.


While older customers may not call you out for poor customer service on social media, they'll sure tell their friends and family.


In this day and age, we all need all the "promoters" we can get.


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