10 Ways Healthcare Companies Benefit from Marketing Automation

Posted by Tom Smith on Wed, Oct, 01, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

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Over the course of my career, I've worked with hospitals, insurance companies, physicians, dentists and centers for living.


Healthcare companies are notorious for failing to treat patients like customers.


As patients become more responsible for their own healthcare, healthcare companies need to be more conscientious about treating prospective, and current patients, as customers.


Marketing automation offers healthcare companies many benefits for engaging with prospective and current patients:


  1. Save time by creating campaigns, posts, email responses in advance of a particular time or a particular situation. For example, sending email reminders to schedule flu shots, the annual physical or follow-up visits.

  2. Provide personalized, targeted, relevant, pre-approved information of value that answers patients', and prospects', questions in advance of being asked, in response to recent news or in response to questions.

  3. Make your marketing staff more efficient whereby a single employee can execute several complex and ongoing campaigns that enable them to connect with many more patients and prospects than is possible through manual communications.

  4. Enable consistent messaging across channels with regard to time and content. It's important to be where your patients expect you to be, when they expect you to be there. Likewise, it's important to deliver a consistent message since consistency builds trust while inconsistency breeds distrust.

  5. Provide detailed reports on the performance of each campaign regardless of channel.

  6. Enable A/B tests of different elements (i.e., subject lines, content, images, offers and calls-to-action) of emails, posts and landing pages.

  7. Enable the scoring and nurturing of leads from marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to sales qualified leads (SQLs) so you, and your sales team, know who you should be targeting at any given time.

  8. Learn more about patients and prospects via progressive profiling. This requires a seamless integration with your CRM database.

  9. Improve performance. According to  Aberdeen, companies that use marketing automation have 107% greater lead conversion, 40% greater average deal size, 20% greater attainment of team quota and 17% better forecast accuracy.

  10. Lets patients, and prospects, know you care about them as individuals and are conscientious about providing a better customer/patient experience.

Are you a healthcare company that is using marketing automation to improve the patient/customer experience?


What are the greatest benefits you and your team have found?


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