10 Ways IT Companies Benefit from Content Marketing

Posted by Tom Smith on Wed, Oct, 15, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

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I've been using inbound/content marketing for the past few years in conjunction with outbound, traditional and digital marketing.


IT, both hardware and software, companies were one of the first to see the benefits of sharing information of value and continue to do so today because:


  1. The more information of value you share, the more you build awareness of the problem companies are facing and the solution your product or service provides.
  2. By sharing information of value, answering people's questions before they even ask them, you are gaining trust and establishing you, and your firm, as a trusted advisor on the topic.

  3. Answering questions when, or before, they are asked is providing a service. You are making those who are researching the topic lives easier, saving them time and enhancing their knowledge.

  4. The more information of value you share the more you are establishing yourself, and your firm as a thought-leader, and problem-solver.

  5. Sharing information via blog posts and social media drives more traffic to your website.

  6. Driving more traffic to your website generates more leads assuming that your website is offering the prospect something of value for which they're willing to give you a "real" name and email address. You don't need to ask for more than that.

  7. The more information of value you share, the more you are able to establish a dialogue with those interested in the topic you are addressing. People like to do business with those they know, like and trust. Sharing information of value is a great way to start a dialogue.

  8. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to nuruture marketing qualified leads (MQLs), those who aren't yet ready to buy, into sales qualified leads (SQLs), those who are ready to engage with a sales person.

  9. The more information of value you publish on your website, the more your grassroots SEO improves. The more frequently you add information of value to your site, the more frequently the search engines will crawl it to see what you've added.

  10. Ultimately, more awareness, more traffic, more leads and nurturing MQLs to SQLs will lead to fewer lost leads and more sales all because you and your firm were willing to share information of value and provide a solution to a problem.

Is your firm using content marketing to drive awarness, traffic, leads and sales?


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