Questions to Ask When Evaluating Marketing Technology

Posted by Tom Smith on Sat, Feb, 27, 2016 @ 09:02 AM



Having evaluated and implemented a number of marketing technologies over the course of my career, I've compiled a list of questions based on an article in Marketing News on the questions you should ask vendors before and after buying any sort of marketing technology.

Hopefully you'll find some of these questions useful as you are evaluating an implementing different martech solutions.

Before you buy:

  1. What’s the integration level required? What integrations are required? Do you integrate with other marketing and sales tools?
  2. Who’s responsible for customer success? Who will my contact be?
  3. Are our mutual long-term goals in alignment?
  4. Is your solution a point solution or a platform suite?
  5. Does your staff understand marketing (or community or knowledge management)?
  6. How long have you been providing this solution and for whom?
  7. What are the top three significant advantages you offer versus the competition?
  8. How will you help our business meet our objectives?
  9. If I were to randomly call three of your client, what would I expect to hear?
  10. Can you help me translate my data into customized and actionable content?
  11. How vast is your platform and are you nimble?
  12. Do you support omnichannel campaign management and execution?
  13. Can I test site functionality like new releases and search algorithms?
  14. Do you provide strategic advice for optimizing our digital business?
  15. How much of my testing program can I automate?
  16. Do you provide a scalable, flexible marketing database that my team can control?
  17. Do you provide an automation or orchestration engine to drive behavior-based individual interactions?
  18. How strong are your multichannel marketing capabilities?
  19. Does this technology help me achieve a comprehensive view of my customer beyond digital marketing?
  20. Is the technology scalable? Can you scale and adapt to my business needs?
  21. What is the track record for innovation?
  22. What are our core marketing objectives and KPIs?
  23. Will your marketing cloud give us a clear view of our customers?
  24. How flexible and agile is the marketing cloud?
  25. What percentage of your clients are using your technology or services for more than two channels?
  26. Can you help me augment my data to create a deeper customer profile?
  27. How can your offering take what we’re doing today to the next level?
  28. How much control will I have over changing search results?
  29. What kinds of analytics and actionable insights does your site search platform deliver?
  30. What types of content can I include in a search experience?
  31. Do you understand my business?
  32. Can I rely on you for data expertise?
  33. Is your system flexible?
  34. How clearly does your solution correlate to revenue or other KPIs? How will your platform help me prove ROI?
  35. Are your analytics predictive, prescriptive or explanatory?
  36. Where does your methodology tap into human curiosity and intuition?
  37. Are your services answering the right questions and solving the right problems?
  38. What are the actual outputs from the analytics and are they clearly actionable?
  39. What should a marketer consider in a virtual commerce platform?
  40. What’s your product roadmap?
  41. Do you offer solutions that provide full call attribution, as well as ways to proactively convert callers into revenue?
  42. Do you offer a full platform to all aspects of the call?


After you buy and implement you might have these questions:Is 24-hour support available?

  1. What are your training options? Can I get more training?
  2. Who will be our account manager?
  3. Do I have the right functionality?
  4. Can my team fully use the power of the technology or do I need to access outside support?
  5. How can we further leverage this technology?
  6. What should I be using that I’m not? What’s the best feature that nobody uses?
  7. Who is my primary support contact?
  8. When is your next webinar?
  9. What’s your ability to provide cost, operational and campaign efficiencies?
  10. How comprehensive is your campaign reporting, measurement and attribution solutions?
  11. How do you keep pace with updates to digital print technologies and data-driven marketing?
  12. How many metrics am I keeping track of per test?
  13. How much site latency is my test adding to the customer experience?
  14. What parts of the customer experience am I not testing? Why?
  15. What are you going to do to ensure that I’m successful with your platform?
  16. What programs do you have to get me started?
  17. What ongoing programs do you have to keep me current on new product capabilities and industry trends?
  18. Am I putting the customer at the center of everything I do? Are we putting the customer first?
  19. How can I integrate data-informed actions and decisions into every step of the marketing process?
  20. How can I work to ensure that agile marketing practices are part of my company’s DNA?
  21. Are we measuring success across the entire consumer journey, both offline and online?
  22. Is our marketing department accepting of a data-driven culture?
  23. Are we achieving test results and extending insights to other teams?
  24. Can I store data from multiple channel in a single source?
  25. How does your technology integrate with other tools that inform omnichannel strategies?
  26. Do you offer strategic consulting, support and services that help to make the most out of my investment in your technology?
  27. How much revenue am I getting out of my search box?
  28. What are my colleague’s best practices?
  29. Is my algorithm effective?
  30. Are we able to deliver relevant content at the right time?Are we failing enough?
  31. What are my blind spots and how does data illuminate them?
  32. How will I make sure I focused on the right questions?
  33. What barriers to action do I face internally?
  34. How do you continually improve analytics results?
  35. Are we prioritizing data-driven insights when executing marketing campaigns?
  36. Are we using analytics in every way we can?
  37. What do my customers care about?
  38. Do we offer easy distribution points to non-social channels?
  39. How can we pull in all of the images that depict our products, as opposed to just consumer images?
  40. Are we tracking call extensions?
  41. Are we optimizing multi-location technology?

What am I missing? What other questions should we add to this list to help others?


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