Empower Advocates to Build Your Brand via Social Media

Posted by Tom Smith on Mon, Oct, 20, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

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Great presentation by Jason Hibbets (@jhibbets), Red Hat's community manager of


Jason, his team at Red Hat and 10 non-Red Hat "moderators" are generating 600+ articles per year consistent with their goal of building the world's premier open source story telling platform.


They do this by following the same principles of open source:


  1. Transparency -- in participation and passion

  2. Collaboration -- enables rapid prototyping and meritocracy

  3. Methodology -- lean, get stuff done

  4. Strategy -- daily heartbeat, content is king, 50% user generated content, SEO while writing naturally monitors its writers and gives them awards and badges creating a win-win for Red Hat, and its supporters.


It holds voluntary meetings with moderators every Monday to discuss potential topics of interests for the coming week.


According to Jason, the magic, and the success of, is in the community.


As such, it makes sense to invest in, promote and facilitate your community of advocates.


I have been a raving fan of Chipotle for seven years and have written a number of blog posts promoting their products, service and personnel.


I believe Chipotle, and every other major brand, is missing a tremendous opportunity by failing to engage their promoters to share information of value in their social media channels of influence.


If you have loyal customers who are willing and able to sing your praises, do everything you can to facilitate and encourage them.


As a matter of fact, here's a great infographic from Matt Banner that will help you and your advocates know everythingy you need to know to master a particular social channel.


Why would you not want free marketing and to recognize, and reward, your best customers?

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