5 Reasons Customer Relationship Management SW Implementations Fail

Posted by Tom Smith on Thu, Feb, 20, 2014 @ 10:02 AM

Reasons why CRM implementations fail








Yesterday I shared the 8 Benefits of Customer Relationship Management software.

Today I have the top five reasons CRM implementations fail:



  1. Lack of employee buy-in. Based on experience, if the CEO is not using, and not mandating the use of, the CRM then the employees will not use it. They'll keep doing what they've been doing because that's what they know and change is hard.

  2. Poor data quality. The old "garbage in, garbage out" rule still applies. If you simply import data from a legacy CRM or spreadsheets without cleaning it and standardizing fields, you're just transferring old problems to a new software. Invest the time and money to clean and standardize your data. 

  3. Integration challenges. Address this upfront with your CRM provider. How does the CRM integrate with your email client and your ERP system? What will it cost to make this integration happen? Have you done it for other clients? Ask to speak with those clients to find out what their experience was like. How long did it take? How many records did other clients have?

  4. A lack of leadership. If the CEO is not behind the new CRM, it's implementation and use, you're toast. As the person responsible for the implementation, there's not a thing in the world you can do to enforce adoption and use. Be very clear about this since it may cost you your job.

  5. Absence of a long-term strategy. What does your firm want to accomplish with the adoption and implementation of a new CRM system? A sales-focused organization will have very different goals than a customer-centric orgnization that wants to have customers for life. 
Hopefully your management team, and your company, has a desire to, and a culture of, developing customer relationships based on the ever-growing knowledge of the customer.
Whether you're in a sales or customer-centric organization, the more you know about your prospects and customers, the more successful you will be. 
You need a CRM system that everyone uses to execute your strategy.
Let me know if you'd like to discuss how to evaluate different CRM solutions or the keys to implementation.
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