Use Social Media to Outsell Your Peers

Posted by Tom Smith on Thu, Oct, 02, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

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According to Jill Rowley (@jill_rowley, #socialselling), sales reps that use social media outsell 78% of their peers because they:

  1. Establish credibility with compelling social profiles -- including professional photographs, accomplishments and references.

  2. Build relevant networks of prospects and like minded individuals that help maintain top-of-mind awareness with prospects and channel partners.

  3. Promote thought leadership that captures attention, builds their personal brand and attracts inbound opportunities.

  4. Listen to customers and prospects to understand needs, priorities and topics of interest.

  5. Measure their social activity to understand what's working, what isn't and to refine their approach.

Given that sales are all about relationships, then social media is a great way to initiate and enhance relationships. 



Are the members of your sales team using social media to make their calls more efficient and successful?


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Trustability, Trustworthiness, Integrity and Ethics

Posted by Tom Smith on Wed, Oct, 23, 2013 @ 06:10 AM

Trustability, Trustworthiness, Integrity and Ethics








Great webinar by Don Peppers, founding partner of the Peppers & Rogers Group, entitled "Transparency, Trust and Customer Feedback."

Some interesting technology factoids:

  • 25 million+ Google searches are taking place every hour -- 24 x 7
  • Supply of technical information is doubling every two years
  • Younger generation consider email old-fashioned
  • One of every eight couples (12.5%) getting married in the U.S. first met online

To be successful in today's marketplace, you must have a relationship, based on trust, with your customer.  You achieve this by:

  • Addressing customers as individuals
  • Providing value and meeting the individuals' needs
  • Interacting and serving them in a cost and time-efficient way
  • Customizing your behavior, offerings and communications so they are relevant to the individual
  • Obtaining feedback that provides customer insights based on customer experience

We are in an age of transparency.  According to a survey by Forrestor:

  • 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of their friends; as such, referrals continue to be critical to business success
  • >50% trust online recommendation from complete strangers -- no hidden agendas
  • 14% trust advertising

The most important quality in any human interaction is trust.  If the relationship is going to flourish, trust is a key element of the relationship.

Trust must be based on empathy, not just profits.  Empathy means taking the customer's point of view and doing what's right by them, not taking advantage of them.

Don provided a great example when he went to order a book from Amazon and the website asked him if he was sure he wanted to buy the book since he had already purchased a copy. gave up short-term revenue and profit to gain long-term trust.

When will banks begin warning you before they charge you an outrageous overdraft fee?

How about phone and cable companies that keep you in a rate plan that is not in your best interest based on a known history of use?

Not to mention pharmaceutical companies making inconsequential changes in medications to keep your doctor prescribing the ethical (oxymoron?) product versus the generic with a 10x price difference.

The list of companies who take advantage of customers rather than helping them make the right decision for their particular situation is very long.

What are you and your company doing to enhance the trust your customers have in you, your products and your services?

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