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BMC Enables Autonomous Digital Enterprises With AI-Powered IT Management

Domino's, Sky Italia, and Balfour Beatty drive innovation and delight customers by becoming Autonomous Digital Enterprises.

As part of the 54th IT Press Tour, BMC, a global leader in software solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE), showcased how it is partnering with innovative companies like Domino's Pizza, Sky Italia, and Balfour Beatty to improve customer experiences and drive business growth. During their presentation, BMC executives highlighted how solutions like the BMC Helix platform and Control-M enable these organizations to gain deeper data insights and meet customer expectations faster across complex hybrid IT environments.

The Autonomous Digital Enterprise Vision

BMC's vision of the "Autonomous Digital Enterprise" is a crucial driver behind their innovation strategy. As Ayman Sayed, President and CEO explained, "As the business world transforms, so have we. Our enterprise technology management evolves with every customer touchpoint. We scale to meet customer challenges, always investing in innovation to enable competitive differentiation." 

BMC is investing significantly in AI and data to help customers become more agile, adaptive, and customer-centric. Their goal is to enable organizations to harness technology in a way that allows them to thrive in constant change.

Connected Digital Ops: An Integrated Approach

To bring the ADE vision to life, BMC has pioneered a "connected digital ops" approach that breaks down silos between five key areas:

  • AIOps: Applying AI/ML to IT operations to predict issues, automate resolution, and continuously optimize

  • ServiceOps: Integrating service and operations management to speed issue resolution and improve employee experiences

  • DevOps: Enabling agile, customer-centric application development and delivery 

  • DataOps: Operationalizing data pipelines to unlock business insights at scale

  • AutonomousOps: Leveraging AI, automation, and emerging tech to achieve a self-managing IT environment 

By connecting these capabilities on a unified platform, BMC helps customers achieve the agility, customer-centricity, and continuous improvement required for ADE success.

A Leader in AIOps Innovation

BMC has established itself as a clear leader in the AIOps market, as evidenced by its top ranking in the Forrester Wave for AIOps. This leadership position reflects BMC's deep expertise in embedding AI and machine learning across its IT management portfolio to support new use cases.

Some examples of cutting-edge AI/ML capabilities within BMC's products include:

  • BMC Helix: Uses causal AI to identify root causes of issues, predictive insights to forecast service degradation and intelligent automation for remediation. Customers like Carrefour have seen 90%+ reductions in event noise.

  • Control-M: Embeds generative AI for no-code workflow creation, allowing users to build complex data pipelines and application automation using simple conversation.

  • BMC AMI: Infuses GenAI into the mainframe for code modernization, test case generation, incident summarization, and next-best-action recommendation. Empowers mainframe teams with AIOps from a "never-fail" system.

As Ram Chakravarti, CTO stated, "AI and data are in a cosmic dance - one without the other does not make sense. BMC has a structured approach and best practices to help customers de-risk AI adoption."  

Responsible, Value-Driven AI Deployment

While BMC is at the forefront of enterprise AI innovation, they take an "AI-first and AI-right" approach to deploying these capabilities. They work closely with customers to implement AI responsibly that aligns with specific business goals and outcomes. 

As Chakravarti put it, "Innovation + Operations = Opportunity." BMC balances cutting-edge technology with practical, value-focused rollouts supported by advisory and educational services. They aim to help every customer achieve the unique vision of the ADE that makes sense for their business.

Powering Transformation for Industry Leaders

Several industry-leading customers have partnered with BMC to achieve dramatic results on their ADE journeys:

  • Domino's orchestrates 3,000 data pipelines and has improved SLA performance with Control-M

  • Sky Italia executes winner selections for voting contests 90% faster, increasing customer engagement  

  • Balfour Beatty automated 36,000 service desk tickets, doubled growth, and reduced resolution times by 61% using BMC Helix

  • TransUnion releases 250+ application changes per week and resolves incidents 60%+ faster with BMC's integrated ServiceOps approach

These success stories showcase how BMC solutions help enterprises achieve the key tenets of the ADE - agility, customer-centricity, actionable insights, and continuous improvement.

Empowering Developers and Architects

For developers and architects, BMC provides comprehensive solutions to build, run, and manage complex hybrid environments spanning traditional IT and cloud-native. Key innovations include:

  • Helix Platform: Microservices-based PaaS that provides full-stack observability and AI-powered insights across multi-cloud and on-premise. Embeds generative AI for noise reduction, predictive issue identification, automated RCA, and remediation.

  • Control-M: Application and data workflow orchestration from mainframe to cloud. Empowers developers with Jobs-as-Code and GenAI-assisted no-code workflow generation.

  • AMI DevX: GenAI-powered tools for mainframe development, including code modernization, language translation, test case generation, and integration with popular DevOps toolchains.

  • Integrated ServiceOps: Unified platform for change management, incident response, and proactive problem-solving. Leverages AI/ML to assess change risk, recommend resolutions, and enable shift-left.

Ali Siddiqui, CPO explained, "In an era where every company is essentially a software company, technologists need reliable tools to manage sprawling hybrid environments, orchestrate sophisticated data flows, and quickly respond to issues before they impact customers. BMC's enterprise-grade offerings provide that mission-critical foundation to keep the lights on while enabling transformative innovation."


As the pace of business accelerates and customer expectations continue to rise, BMC empowers organizations to become Autonomous Digital Enterprises. By embedding AI, automation, and data-driven insights across IT management, BMC helps customers achieve the agility, resilience, and customer-centricity needed to thrive in the face of constant change.  

BMC's "connected digital ops" approach — spanning AIOps, ServiceOps, DevOps, DataOps, and AutonomousOps — provides a unified platform for continuous improvement. Industry-leading innovations in generative AI, causal inference, and predictive automation allow both IT and business to make smarter decisions faster.

With a robust yet flexible set of solutions trusted by global brands like Domino's, Sky Italia, Balfour Beatty, and TransUnion, BMC is well-positioned to be the strategic partner for any ADE journey. As Sayed stated, "We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible — enabling the Autonomous Digital Enterprise for our customers worldwide."

Looking ahead, expect BMC to further advance AI-powered capabilities across all facets of its portfolio, from mainframe DevOps to service desk ChatOps. By helping customers operationalize AI innovation in a responsible, value-driven way, BMC aims to make the ADE vision an achievable reality for every enterprise.


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