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Boomi World 2024: Empowering Enterprises with Intelligent Integration and Automation

Boomi World 2024, held from May 6-9 in Denver, Colorado, brought together several thousand customers, partners, and community members to explore the future of integration and automation in the enterprise. The event showcased Boomi's vision for an intelligent, unified platform that empowers organizations to overcome digital fragmentation and complexity.

Key Announcements and Innovations:

  1. Expanded Boomi Enterprise Platform: Boomi unveiled its enhanced platform, combining API management, integration and automation, and data management into a unified foundation to accelerate development and drive business outcomes.

  2. AI-Powered Integration and Automation: The introduction of the AI agent framework allows developers to create, deploy, and manage AI-powered agents that automate complex processes and decisions. Boomi also showcased AI-assisted development features like Boomi Suggest and DesignGen Agent.

  3. Next-Gen API Management: Boomi announced the acquisitions of APIIDA's federated API management business and Mashery from Cloud Software Group. These additions provide a single control plane for API management across diverse vendors and gateways, facilitating API discovery, reuse, and consumption.

  4. Trusted Data Foundation: The new Boomi DataHub is a trusted data foundation that provides a high-velocity, high-quality data access layer for diverse workloads. It incorporates master data management, integration pipelines, and a framework for expanding data governance functionality.

  5. Empowering Citizen Integrators: Boomi aimed to enable more users to leverage integration and automation capabilities through no-code/low-code tools and AI-assisted development while maintaining appropriate controls and governance.

Customer Success Stories:

Boomi World 2024 featured inspiring customer stories showcasing the platform's transformative power. Terex Corporation highlighted how Boomi helped them develop APIs, support their API-first strategy, and increase developer productivity. Convex Insurance shared its journey of growing from zero to £4.2 billion in five years, leveraging Boomi's API management capabilities to integrate with brokers and cover holders.

Navigating the AI Revolution:

Shawn Rogers, CEO and Fellow of BARC, shared valuable insights on critical strategies for AI success in 2024. He emphasized the importance of building trust, partnering with experts, upskilling the workforce, adopting a multi-model approach, prioritizing responsible AI, and driving value-driven innovation.

Empowering Women in Tech:

A panel of female tech leaders discussed the barriers women face in the industry, the importance of allyship and advocacy, and strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome and bias. They stressed the need for continued awareness, data-driven change, and support for the next generation of women in tech.

Partner Ecosystem and Community:

Boomi's extensive partner ecosystem is vital in delivering integration solutions worldwide. The event featured a panel discussion with executives from global systems integrators and consulting firms, who shared insights on market trends, customer challenges, and the value of partnering with Boomi.

Looking Ahead:

As enterprises navigate the era of AI and seek to conquer digital fragmentation, Boomi remains committed to being a trusted guide and enabler. With its intelligent, unified platform, robust partner ecosystem, and focus on customer success, Boomi is well-positioned to help organizations achieve their digital transformation goals with speed, agility, efficiency, and trust.

Boomi World 2024 showcased the company's unwavering dedication to empowering developers, architects, and business users with cutting-edge integration and automation capabilities. By simplifying complex processes, providing intuitive tools, and harnessing the power of AI, Boomi enables organizations to innovate faster and thrive in the digital age.


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