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File Storage for the Cloud Era

Modernize file infrastructure and optimize workforce productivity for half the cost.

The IT Press Tour had the opportunity to meet with executives from Nasuni to learn how they are helping companies evolve from traditional file storage.

Nasuni helps enterprises move file storage and backup to the cloud with a simpler and lower-cost approach. Nasuni's SaaS platform was built for the cloud and is the only solution that couples a global file system with object storage.

Paired with AWS, Azure, or GCP, Nasuni provides unlimited file capacity on-demand, built-in backup and disaster recovery (DR), and file sharing across all locations at 50% less than other solutions.

The Nasuni Cloud File Services Platform has five key components.

  1. The file system deployed in object storage creates a "gold copy" of the files and metadata.

  2. Edge caching delivers high-performance file access delivered via all-cloud or hybrid.

  3. Single pane of glass manages appliances across all locations.

  4. Cloud service control plane with version control and multi-region support.

  5. Integration capabilities connect translated file data to any public cloud.

Primary use cases include NAS and file server consolidation, remote work (VDI and remote file access), file backup and recovery, cloud modernization, file collaboration, and DR and ransomware mitigation.

Nasuni recently announced a partnership with Google Cloud as an integrated SaaS partner. This partnership has produced the lowest-cost primary plus backup file storage on the market. Google is one-third the cost of AWS and one-fifth the cost of Azure.

Nasuni has also created an analytics connector to connect file data to cloud services. The connector translates file data into the native object storage format. This enables users to leverage any public cloud service (AI, data analytics, search). It also provides multi-cloud support to run any cloud service against data. The cloud connector turns unstructured data into big data.

Enterprise search is available using AWS Kendra providing natural language search on data across the enterprise. This delivers a highly accurate and easy enterprise search powered by machine learning. Natural language questions generate immediate answers. Data silos are eliminated. Machine learning improves results over time.

CCPA and PII data verification is achieved using AWS Macie. This results in verified compliance in less time and for less money. CCPA and GDPR compliance is necessary to avoid penalties and fines. Customers can identify and address PII, IP, and copyright leaks.

Image recognition and tagging using AWS Rekognition for greater accuracy and quality for less cost. Customers can search and compare hundreds of thousands of images, making billions of comparisons in a short time.

The Nasuni analytics connector enables the export of data for search, analytics, and BI. Users can create a short-lived copy of all or a subset of file data in object storage. Cloud services can operate directly against a copy of data in object storage without impacting the security or performance of the platform.

Case Studies

  • Schlumberger undertook a corporate initiative to reduce Windows file server hardware at the edge by using cloud storage and Nasuni. They are in the process of consolidating over 1PB of file data, 500 servers, and backup hardware at more than 72 locations.

  • When COVID-19 struck, SDL needed to find a way to continue delivering services while enabling its globally-distributed workforce to work remotely. Using Amazon WorkSpaces and Nasuni's cloud file services platform, SDL deployed 1,500 virtual desktops in the cloud for a seamless transition


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