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Open Core Platform for Continuous Intelligence

Real-time visibility, manageability, and automation enable enterprises to operate continuous intelligence applications efficiently at scale.

I had the opportunity to talk to Max Herrmann, CMO, and Jay Shaver, Senior Director of Product Management at Swim about their Continuum 4.0 platform for managing continuous intelligence at scale.

For continuous intelligence to be worthwhile, context is key. This requires 1) contemporaneously listening to changes in data and project outcomes; 2) processing and analyzing batch and streaming data in context; and, 3) always having an answer for storing raw data for later analysis.

Swim is the first open core enterprise platform for building and running continuous intelligence applications at scale. There are no third-party dependencies with a single open core environment. There is seamless interoperability and extensibility with comprehensive management and monitoring for engaging and collaborative real-time experiences.

Continuous Intelligence Via a Single Pane of Glass

As a comprehensive, end-to-end platform, Swim Continuum dynamically creates digital processes from real-world entities to transform, analyze, learn, and act on data in real-time, proactively delivering insights through automated responses and visualizations. These models expand the concept of digital twin technology by connecting together in intelligent networks able to run general and analytics compute functions.

Users get browser-based insights into the resiliency and performance of their Swim deployments. An advanced, easy-to-use UI enables end-users to monitor applications, inspect data streams, configure meaningful traits, and connect with external systems through a single pane of glass experience.

The Continuum 4.0 UX/UI also provides users with a curated experience through role-based access that elevates the most relevant data and insights. Users can easily customize their own intuitive and engaging views, enabling continuous updates to graphs, maps, KPIs, and dashboards for more effective monitoring and event response. Views include multi-level aggregations within a tree view, locational awareness and geofencing through a map view, and dynamic activity traits that are continuously updated from streaming real-time data.

“Implementing and managing continuous intelligence applications using legacy database architectures is an enormous technical challenge, requiring a significant amount of time and effort, while still delivering subpar performance,” said Chris Sachs, co-founder and Chief Architect at Swim. “Swim Continuum 4.0 removes unnecessary technical complexity, cuts out latency-prone database round trips, and provides a new level of real-time visibility, manageability, and automation to help enterprises build and operate continuous intelligence applications efficiently at scale.”

Additional new features of Continuum 4.0 include the ability to automatically create, distribute, and manage continuous intelligence applications at runtime in their chosen environment. Built upon and extending the open-source SwimOS core, Continuum 4.0 manages the distribution of resources across the underlying available infrastructure. It delivers an out-of-the-box console for visibility and control, providing a consolidated view into the real-time operations of streaming data that enhances application reliability and performance.

Businesses Increase Resilience and Competitive Advantage

Continuum has been adopted by leading Fortune 100 companies to improve their real-time data analytics and visualization capabilities with continuous, always-on situational awareness and operational responsiveness. Use cases are horizontal with heavy use in telcos, oil and gas, transportation, and financial services. Companies with huge amounts of data have the most pain and the most to gain with this solution.


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