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TrueNAS SCALE Feature Complete

Open-source storage gains traction as companies look for creative ways to handle unabated data expansion.

The 44th IT Press tour had the opportunity to meet with Brett Davis, EVP Sales & Marketing, Kris Moore, SVP Engineering, Morgan Littlewood, SVP Products, and Mario Blandini, VP Marketing at iX.

Storage is the last bastion in the data center stack not yet overtaken by open source. iX is an open-source pioneer and the company behind TrueNAS, the world's most deployed storage software. TrueNAS is used by millions and has laid the foundation for open source storage.

TrueNAS enables users to harness the power of the ZFS file system and provides unified and hyper-converged storage for private and cloud data centers with the reliability and performance required by virtualization, backup, and other data-intensive workloads.

NAS has evolved over time from traditional NAS file, block, and object, network-attached storage to next-gen NAS network, applications, and storage.

TrueNAS is delivering "data freedom" to thousands of organizations in high tech, web services, entertainment, commercial/industrial, education, healthcare, government, security and defense, and financial verticals.

Several things differentiate iX as a business:

  • While their model is different, they possess the same fundamental requirements as other vendors -- sustainable profitability, enterprise support, reliable supply chain, and favorable lead times.

  • Being free from VCs and investors, iX is able to focus 100% on users and customers.

  • The firm has world-class expertise in optimizing hardware for demanding workloads in open environments. iX hardware and enterprise support are the foundation of how iX funds TrueNAS.

  • The TrueNAS open source community has more than 250,000 users that enable iX to meet enterprise quality standards at a fundamentally lower cost.


TrueNAS SCALE 22.02 addresses several issues for big data:

  • Capacity limit has increased from 20PB to 2 exabytes

  • Bandwidth limit of 20GB/second increased 50X to 1,000GB/second

  • Scalability limit of 1 rack, 4 CPUs, and 1,200 drives increased by 100X

  • Data migration is simplified by the scalability of capacity and ingest speed

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud are enabled by integrated Kubernetes and KVM

TrueNAS SCALE integrates Linux with Kubernetes and Docker, KVM virtualization, and clustering and scale-out.

TrueCommand simplifies operations with:

  • Fleet automation with customizable alerts and per-second stats, high-level dashboard and detailed reports, and predictive analytics and rapid fault diagnostics.

  • ZFS and cluster intelligence manages users, datasets, and snapshots. Understands pools, VDEVs, and caching. Manages TrueNAS SCALE clusters.

  • Managed NAS services are designed for 24 x 7 operations teams. Integrate VPS and role-based access control. Provide client and MSP views with a web proxy.


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