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Ahana Announces New Capabilities for Its Presto Managed Service

Data lake caching, security, seamless operations caching advancements improve query performance up to 5X for complex workloads.

I received an update from my friends, Steven Mih, Cofounder and CEO, and Dipti Borkar, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Ahana, the self-service analytics company for Presto. Today at PrestoCon Day, they announced updates to Ahana Cloud for Presto managed service.

The major areas of focus include performance, better cluster management, ease of use, and security. One of the key features is the data lake IO caching capability that improves query performance, reducing latencies up to 80%.

According to Dipti, “Our latest innovations make Ahana Cloud the fastest and most advanced cloud-native managed service available for Presto. We have seen that advanced capabilities like data lake IO caching can improve query performance up to 5x for real-world concurrent query workloads. This, along with our new ease of use, security, and cost management advancements, continues to extend Ahana’s leadership in the market, giving data platform teams more value using the power of Presto for faster insights, easier access, and lower costs."

“We knew we wanted to use Presto to query all of our AWS data sources, but we found it challenging to manage it on our own in the cloud,” said Omar Mohamed, Data Engineer, Cartona. “Ahana Cloud made it possible for our team to deliver real-time analytics with Presto without having to worry about the complexities. We look forward to doing even more with Ahana’s latest set of capabilities.”

Ahana Cloud for Presto features new capabilities, including:

Performance improvements

Data lake IO Caching - Ahana Cloud for Presto is the only cloud-native managed service for Presto and with the new data lake IO caching capability, is now also the only Presto plus caching service for users. Data lake IO caching, built on the RubiX open source project, eliminates the need to read data from data lakes like AWS S3, particularly if the same data is read over and over. Today, Ahana Cloud users can easily enable data lake caching with the click of a button when creating a new Presto cluster. The rest, including attaching SSDs and sizing the cache based on the user-selected instance type, is all done automatically. Ahana has also open-sourced this feature for the Presto community, which will be available in the upcoming PrestoDB release.

Pre-tuned Presto cluster capability - New clusters now come pre-tuned with even more advanced features enabled, including the Cost-based Optimizer and Dynamic Filtering Capabilities which can improve performance, particularly for complex queries, as well as memory tuning to enable optimized out-of-the-box performance of Presto.

Ease of use

A range of major improvements have been added that make Ahana Cloud the easiest service for Presto on AWS.

Automated and versioned upgrades of Ahana Compute Plane - Versioning and upgrade infrastructure brings users disruption-free upgrades - new features are automatically made available to users.

Ability to deploy different instance types for Presto coordinators and workers, as well as Ahana-managed Hive Metastore Catalog - This brings users the flexibility to use Presto for a range of workloads and customize resources provisioned as needed.

Customized IP block allocation for the Ahana-managed Virtual Private Cloud - Allows users with more restrictive networking environments to use Presto in the cloud

Support for asynchronous query execution with Apache Superset in the Ahana Compute Plane - Ahana manages Apache Superset so that administrators can query and validate that clusters are available for their data teams. Now they can run long-running queries with Apache Superset as well. Ahana manages and automates the deployment of the infrastructure required for these queries to run asynchronously to reduce the time platform teams spend on infrastructure

One-click creation of AWS provisioning roles and policies needed with an AWS CloudFormation Template - This dramatically simplifies setting up the initial cross-account access between Ahana and the user’s AWS account.


Significantly tighter policies and advanced AWS tagging for all Ahana-managed resources in the user’s account - Ahana’s managed service is deployed in the user’s AWS account, which enables compute to be deployed where the data is without the need for customer data to ever touch Ahana Cloud. With the latest improvements, the policies needed for Ahana management of the compute plane are even tighter and each resource managed by Ahana on behalf of the user is explicitly tagged. This makes the Ahana environment completely isolated and independent from any other user-managed resources.

Integration of Ahana Compute plane with AWS CloudTrail, including log validation - AWS CloudTrail is a service that enables governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of your AWS account. Now with Ahana’s integration with CloudTrail, you can log, continuously monitor, and retain Ahana-administered account activity and actions across your AWS infrastructure.

Upcoming Capabilities

Advanced security with the Apache Ranger integration - You can now use your centralized security administration for fine-grained access control to your Presto clusters. This capability has also been contributed to Presto open source, making it the first open integration for Presto and Apache Ranger.

Better cost management for Presto clusters - Your Presto cluster automatically reduces the number of worker nodes to a single node when the query engine is idle for a certain time. In addition, Ahana can scale clusters up and down based on CPU utilization.

Programmatic access to cluster management - Create, start, stop and resize your Presto clusters using our REST API.

“The convergence of the data warehouse and data lake continues to be a growing trend, and Presto is one of the few technologies that enables ad hoc analytics for a unified analytics approach,” said John Santaferraro, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates. “Based on interviews, EMA sees the Presto open-source community as vibrant and actively accelerating the value of open-source software. Ahana Cloud makes Presto accessible to data platform teams of all sizes so they can use SQL to analyze all of their different data stores.”

Together, these new capabilities help to solidify Ahana Cloud’s position as the only provider of Presto in the cloud and give platform teams of all sizes more capabilities to easily deploy Presto at scale in the cloud.


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