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Data Foundation for the Age of AI

Speed plus capacity will define the future of computing.

The IT Press Tour had the opportunity to meet with VAST Data. Its mission is to simplify storage and democratize fast access to all data. They believe speed and capacity will define the future of computing as we move from transaction processing to big data analytics and AI to the real-time processing of huge amounts of data.

They envision universal storage that eliminates 30 years of infrastructure tradeoffs -- one universal data platform for all applications. All-NVMe performance to write at 3D XPoint speeds, read at TB/s, and millions of IOPS. Tier-5 cost-efficiency engineered at every level. Exabyte-scale NAS and object storage exceed the capacity needs of any organization.

The solution is built from a modern foundation. Disaggregated storage networking with NVMe over fabrics. Persistent memory with Optane SSDs. Revolutionary flash economics with QLC flash.

VAST Data's LightSpped is the storage platform for the next decade of machine intelligence. It's not only a product, it's a machine learning storage philosophy -- the light-touch simplicity of NAS with the speed to support any AI ambition.

Today's shadow AI options involve tradeoffs between speed, complexity, and cost. HPC file systems are fast and scalable, but complex. Scale-out NAS is simple and versatile, but slow. Both are prohibitively expensive for all-flash.

VAST is introducing a new AI storage paradigm with no tradeoffs. Universal storage that's fast, simple, and affordable. Up to 200GB/s per client. Linear scaling to exabytes. NAS (over RDMA) simplicity with 80% lower cost.

Success Stories

  • Martinos trains next-gen AI-based imaging with universal storage. 25% less than hybrid HDD_Flash. Consistent all-flash de-risks GPU. More GPUs with lower storage costs equals more computing dollars.

  • Dug builds multi-tenant, exascale infrastructure with VAST. No headaches versus the complexity of Lustre. Affordable IOPs with a 2:1 data reduction. No noisy neighbors with the VAST DASE architecture.

  • Krystal partners with VAST to create UK's homegrown hyper cloud. All-flash WordPress & IaaS file storage. API-driven for website operations. Consolidated as VAST pools provide QoS to competing workloads.

  • Squarepoint Capital consolidates and accelerates backtesting with VAST. All-NVMe means no more HDD access issues. K8s ready for containerized workloads. No HPC complexity.

  • NIH accelerates pipeline by 25% on top 100 research supercomputers. 90% faster than their HDD GPFS systems. Simple, robust NAS appliance, HDD economics with a 2:1 data reduction on genomes and cryo.


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