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Enterprise Storage Platform Expands to Keep Pace with Demands

There's a persistent demand for density, performance, and connectivity to ensure data security, and operational flexibility.

The IT Press Tour met with StorCentric. Its mission is to empower the world to access manage, and protect digital information. To do so, they have built and acquired a broad portfolio of solutions including Nexsan, Drobo, Vexata, Retrospect, and Violin.

The portfolio provides data cloud services (migration, consistency, and operations) and data protection (backup/disaster recovery and compliance/archive. Nexsan does this for core business workloads. Violin for midrange NVMe. Vexata for high-performance AI/ML. Drobo and Retrospect for remote workers.

StorCentric is leading with a QLC flash offering with Nexsan and an NVMe flash offering with Violin. Their unbreakable backup solutions protect backups from ransomware and integrate seamlessly into the backup ecosystem. The data mobility suite is a policy-driven software platform and connects on-premises and with the cloud through policy management.

Current HDD customers are using Nexsan QLC technology due to its price and performance combination. Existing flash customers are using Violin to upgrade performance. While those companies for which time is of the essence are using Vexata NVMe technology.

Since COVID-19, StorCentric has seen an increased interest in their unbreakable backup solutions. A large clothing brand's network was hit with malware and all their files were encrypted. Unbreakable backup protected the customer from any data loss or corruption and the customer successfully restored 80 TB of data and continued business operations.

StorCentric's data security capabilities include:

  • Ransomware Protection -- unbreakable back up provided by StorCentric key-management, a locked-down solution.

  • Regulatory Compliance -- secure data vault meets the requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, et al.

  • Risk Mitigation -- data recovery is achieved by preventing ransomware from encrypting or deleting original data.

  • Geographic Separation of Data -- high availability results in immediate access to data.

The data mobility suite enables:

  • Migration -- secure migration of data for tape, on-prem, and hybrid cloud to optimize costs and usage.

  • Replication -- ensures data moves smoothly across heterogeneous storage systems on-prem and in hybrid clouds to eliminate data silos.

  • Synchronization -- sync data across heterogeneous storage systems on-prem or hybrid-cloud to deliver the data where it is needed.

  • Multi-site collaboration -- share data across cloud, tape, and heterogeneous storage systems to collaborate seamlessly across sites.

The Future

Moving forward, StorCentric sees persistent demand for storage density, performance, and connectivity. Enterprises will continue to shift to software-defined storage, demand container connectivity, and drive new protocols and storage types including S3 and NVMe-TCP. Data security and protection will create demand for enhanced solutions with cloud implementations along with ransomware detection and analytics. As such, StorCentric is committed to providing policy-based data storage and retention, analytics and visibility, and protection of virtualized workloads from ransomware with backup and restore.


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