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How TIBCO Powers Digital Transformation Across Industries

Healthcare, airline, and financial services clients share their experience with TIBCO, and the types of use cases that are being facilitated.

At the recent TIBCO NEXT 2023 customer event, three customers from healthcare, airlines, and banking shared how they leverage TIBCO's integration and analytics platform to enable real-time, intelligent systems. Their insights highlight the breadth of digital transformation use cases TIBCO helps unlock.

Empowering Real-Time Healthcare Insights

University of Chicago Medicine relies extensively on TIBCO to manage patient data flows and orchestrate systems. As Shariq Ata, Executive Director of IT, explained, executing 8+ million daily transactions seamlessly requires robust, resilient integration.

By centralizing data and applying real-time intelligence, UChicago reduces cardiac arrest rates by up to 20% by alerting staff before critical episodes. This exemplifies TIBCO's life-saving potential in healthcare.

According to Ata, tailored EHR (electronic health record) systems are required when matching patients to specialized care teams. TIBCO provides the flexibility to customize system interactions for their complex needs.

For optimal patient experiences, UChicago wants a "360-degree view" of each individual across facilities. TIBCO facilitates building this unified profile by bridging otherwise siloed clinical data sources.

Driving Airline Operational Agility

Alaska Airlines runs 250+ business applications on TIBCO's on-premise integration platform. As Robin Bater, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Quality Engineering, described, TIBCO connects core systems powering ticketing, baggage, crew scheduling, airport operations, and more.

With little tolerance for flight disruptions, Alaska Air prioritizes stability while innovating customer experiences. TIBCO reliably orchestrates real-time data powering self-service kiosks, mobile apps, and personalized offers.

Looking ahead, Bater sees TIBCO's cloud-agnostic approach as accelerating Alaska's shift towards real-time, scalable architectures. The upcoming TIBCO Control Plane also intrigues him for managing hybrid infrastructure.

Streamlining Banking Through Automation

First Citizens Bank centralized disconnected systems over 8 years ago using TIBCO integration, messaging, BPM, and analytics. As Kevin Ealahan, Director of Application Development & Support, explained, this established an agile foundation to keep pace with customer needs.

By reducing manual processes, TIBCO enables First Citizens to onboard new products and scale to acquisitions faster. Consistently delivering excellent, uninterrupted service bolsters customer trust and retention.

First Citizens is exploring capabilities like TIBCO Cloud and the Control Plane to gradually modernize while maximizing its existing on-premise investments. Ealahan is also eager to boost developer productivity through TIBCO's new portal.

For companies pursuing digital transformation, these customer perspectives showcase TIBCO's versatility across domains. While needs vary, TIBCO consistently provides the integration, data and analytics capabilities to turn real-time insights into competitive advantages. By dynamically linking systems, data and decisions, TIBCO empowers developers to build smart, responsive solutions that create business value.

Navigating Digital Transformation Obstacles

The customers highlighted how TIBCO enabled their digital initiatives, but transformations face common hurdles.

Healthcare systems contain fragmented, aging technologies impeding holistic views. Alaska Air manages hundreds of legacy aviation systems. First Citizens Bank has technical debt from mergers.

Migrating slowly while maximizing existing infrastructure is imperative. As First Citizen's Ealahan noted, TIBCO provides a reliable bridge as they methodically onboard new capabilities and clouds.

Strict regulations in banking and healthcare also necessitate caution. Small system glitches can spiral in highly distributed environments. Architectural discipline is critical.

Partnering with experts who have done this before provides welcome guidance. TIBCO's decades of mission-critical deployment experience give it deep integration insights to share.

Still, expectations and priorities constantly shift. Regular business input and feedback help guide smart evolution. TIBCO's close customer collaboration allows it to pragmatically enrich solutions over time.

Ultimately, the technical challenges pale next to the human ones. New tools only get adopted if they enable real work. So usability and seamless adoption patterns are equally key.

By blending technology proficiency with human-centered design, TIBCO aims to smooth necessary transformation. While change is hard, standing still can be riskier still. TIBCO's methodology aims to make progress inevitable by making it invisible.

Key Takeaways for Developers

  • TIBCO can scale to support millions of mission-critical transactions daily with minimal latency

  • Insights from real-time data streams enable life-enhancing system intelligence

  • On-premise TIBCO infrastructure provides stable foundations for incremental cloud adoption

  • Developer portals abstract complexity, so teams spend less time on plumbing

  • TIBCO's array of APIs, adapters, and drivers accelerate the connection of diverse systems

  • End-to-end visibility into processes helps continuously optimize performance


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