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Kyligence Launches Managed Services Offering for its Cloud Data Analytics Solutions

New service eliminates complex operation and maintenance efforts and reduces costs.

I had the opportunity to ask Joanna He, Senior Director, Product Growth at Kyligence a few questions as she announced their managed services offering for cloud data analytics solutions. Kyligence is the originator of Apache Kylin and developer of the AI-augmented data services and management platform Kyligence Cloud.

How has demand for remote managed services changed during COVID?

During COVID, a lot of companies started to work remotely. The need for remote access drove enterprises to enhance their data infrastructure, network infrastructure, and data privacy management. This demand fueled the need for a remote Managed Service that does not require onsite services and is highly efficient. And with COVID, more companies are opting not to build a large IT team and IT infrastructure to support their business growth. Managed Services can provide them with the same level of data service SLA with lower cost and less IT professional involvement.

What do Kyligence Managed Services provide?

  • Service status monitoring and troubleshooting – Kyligence checks product running status through automated monitoring and operation tools, identifies and solves product failures and potential problems, and ensures the stable operation and SLA of Kyligence products.

  • Regular health checks and optimization recommendations – Kyligence's experts inspect running products regularly, by examining the trends of the operational data, identifying and solving latent risks, and giving relevant optimization suggestions.

  • TCO monitoring and optimization advisory – Through daily monitoring and maintenance tools, Kyligence's experts record the product resource usage, give professional advice on resource usage and management, and communicate with customers about optimization suggestions to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while ensuring the system performance.

What are some examples of problems being solved?

Kyligence helps Strikingly, a top website builder SaaS company, relieve their data and analytic operation burden and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) on the cloud. Strikingly is a feature-rich website builder SaaS that enables people with no experience to creating modern and beautiful websites quickly. Strikingly provides built-in website analytics for their end-users, the website builder, to analyze and understand their website traffic.

But Strikingly was suffering from the service instability of the built-in analytics. Every time the service is down, it takes the Strikingly engineering team 1-2 days to recover the services. As a result, the built-in analytics are not available to the end-user during the downtime, negatively impacting Strikingly's user experience. In addition, there is a hidden cost in the engineering labor spent on service recovery, which could instead be used to support business innovation.

Afterward, Strikingly adopted Kyligence Cloud as their data and analytics service. Also, Kyligence provides them the managed services to remotely operate Kyligence's products.

Leveraging the automated operation and maintenance tools, the Kyligence professional services team proactively monitors Strikingly's Kyligence's services availability and immediately brings the services back online when the services are down.

Strikingly also enjoyed the professional advice from Kyligence's experts on cloud resource usage and cost control to further reduce TCO.

After their Kyligence adoption, they were able to cut their cloud cost used to support their built-in analytics by 53% partly because of their new architecture with Kyligence Cloud and partly because of the TCO advice they received from Kyligence experts. What's more, it helps Strikingly free up their engineering resources from complex operations and allows them to devote more effort to business innovation.

Who benefits from your solution?

Customers who adopt data and analytics on the cloud seek services to relieve their operation burden. Small-medium business customers are more likely to need Kyligence managed services because they usually have a lean engineering team that wears multiple hats (development, operation, administration) and are more sensitive to their cloud cost and labor cost.

What do they need to know?

“The value of using cloud-based analytics is speed, agility and cost savings,” said David Menninger, senior vice president and research director, Ventana Research. “However, many organizations are challenged with the endless process of monitoring, maintaining, debugging, and resolving technology issues even when they are running on cloud infrastructure. A managed services offering helps organizations reduce the infrastructure and human capital costs in their data and analytics processes while increasing the productivity of their resources.”

Kyligence Managed Services remotely helps enterprises operate Kyligence's products efficiently and securely. Get started quickly on our products by leveraging the automated operation and maintenance tools, consultancy from experienced product experts, and standardized service processes of Kyligence.

Beyond the standard technical support, Kyligence Managed Services provides a well-rounded service system, including service status monitoring and troubleshooting, regular health checks, TCO monitoring, cost optimization advisory, and 24/7/365 constant support.

“Enterprises need a fast pace of technological innovation to respond to the agile development of digital transformation initiatives, however, big data solutions are very diverse and the learning threshold is generally high,” said Silas Ge, vice president of customer success, Kyligence. “The right IT talent can be difficult to find and very costly. Kyligence Managed Services helps enterprises lower operational labor costs while providing a higher level of service.”


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