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Pre-Migration Data Assessment

Enables informed decision-making about what data to migrate, when, and where.

I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Jack, V.P. of Global Sales and Co-founder, and Carl D’Halluin, CTO at Datadobi a few weeks ago. As more companies move to the cloud as part of their digital transformation, there is a need and desire to understand what type of data is in their current environment before starting a migration.

Storage vendors are offering new storage options and a refresh of what is currently available, but customers want to understand their environment before they make a decision on what is best for them.

In response to this need, Datadobi is launching its Pre-Migration Assessment Service to enable its strategic partners to deliver the most highly predictable and cost-effective NAS and object data migrations, with the fastest ROI possible.

The pre-migration assessment service starts by scanning and analyzing the source system and data. This results in a detailed intelligence report that includes, but is not limited to, an exhaustive inventory of file size, name, and path, owner, type, time of creation, last opened, change in attributes, and last modified. The end report is presented to the customer by the strategic partner.

The information and insight provided in the report enable the customer to make informed data management decisions, including what data to migrate, when, and to where. Once such decisions are made, the report further enables strategic partners to create an accurate and dependable data migration scope of work.

“IT initiatives that can lend immense strategic value to the business and dramatically lower costs are oftentimes unable to move forward because the first step involves a data migration. And, most IT professionals know that data migrations are typically easier said than done -- starting with simply identifying what data can and should be moved,” said Michael. “Datadobi’s new Pre-Migration Assessment Service enables customers to overcome the complexities that accompany virtually any kind of data that has been stored over time and replaces it with visibility and insight.”

“Today’s enterprise organizations have an enormous number of business, IT, legal, and compliance, as well as budgetary requirements driving their data management decisions. Yet, many of our partners find their customers stalled and unable to move forward with critical IT investments,” said Dale Foster, CEO of Climb Channel Solutions, Inc. “The new Datadobi Pre-Migration Assessment Service is a powerful tool for making what has been complicated, truly simple -- freeing our partners and their customers to take the next step.”


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