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Seamless Cloud Storage Service

The ‘easy button’ for data insurance in the cloud.

I had the opportunity to speak with Manoj Nair, GM of Metallic at Commvault about their new Metallic cloud storage service.

According to Manoj, over the last six months, we’re seen more cloud adoption while at the same time we've also seen at least a 4X increase in cybersecurity attacks.

Metallic Cloud Storage Service is a fully integrated cloud storage target for Commvault Backup and Recovery software and HyperScale X appliances. Metallic Cloud Storage Service brings together technology from Commvault and Microsoft Azure for security and scale, with single pane of glass management through the Commvault Command Center.

Metallic customers get storage service in the cloud. Existing software customers who adopt the cloud need to protect their data. Cloud adoption is still less than 10%. More than 90% of data and applications are still on-prem. In order to move to the cloud, enterprises need to adopt a new procurement model, develop different expertise, deal with increased friction, learn to use different infrastructure, and understand and embrace the shared responsibility model. Commvault is trying to make it easier for customers to move to the cloud.

“The need to leverage the cloud is only accelerating, and having simple, direct access to cloud storage as a primary or secondary backup target allows us to facilitate our customers’ journeys to the cloud while also providing a critical step in ransomware readiness with an air-gapped cloud copy,” said Manoj. “The introduction of Metallic Cloud Storage Service built on Microsoft Azure, within Commvault Complete software and HyperScale X can transform the way companies adopt cloud storage with significant ease, while reducing risks, controlling costs, and providing data management and protection in-and-out of the cloud, all through one interface.”

Metallic Cloud Storage Service with Commvault data management software also goes beyond simplified cloud data management and reduced overhead to provide critical layered data security and resiliency against an ever-growing number of threats and vulnerabilities in hybrid cloud environments. For example, the FBI’s Cyber Division states the number of complaints about cyberattacks is as many as 4,000 a day, a 400% increase from what they were seeing pre-coronavirus.

“Metallic Cloud Storage protects against cyberattacks by combining the underlying security of Microsoft Azure and the encrypted authentication and monitoring within Commvault’s data management platform, that provides secure, air-gapped and immutable copies of customer data,” said Jürgen Willis, Partner Director of Program Management, Azure Storage, Microsoft. “As companies look to the cloud to accelerate their digital transformation, reduce CAPEX, minimize risk, and improve remote work, Metallic Cloud Storage Service can help deliver against the most demanding data protection needs of today’s hybrid world.”

As today’s hybrid workloads span a customer’s entire business and can be costly, difficult, and complex to manage, this new managed cloud storage service from Commvault makes it easy for IT administrators to expertly use the cloud as a backup target in just a few clicks. With Metallic Cloud Storage Service, customers have a simple path to cloud storage adoption and management without the learning curve.


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