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Tiger Technology: Tools That Help Optimize Your Storage Infrastructure

How data-intensive companies move to the cloud.

The 41st IT Press Tour had the opportunity to meet with Alex Lefterov, CEO and Founder, and Lance Kelson, EVP at Tiger Technology to learn about the company's on-prem first hybrid storage solution.

Tiger Technology's mission is to build a strong foundation for augmented hybrid cloud workflows through technology and solutions which enable customers of any industry and size to bring the best of cloud services to their on-prem environments.

They believe hybrid infrastructure is the key to making the ultimate non-disruptive digital transformation a reality for any team & any organization.

The Business Problem

A common problem in transportation, government, healthcare, oil and gas, media and entertainment, construction, and financial companies is that they are all undergoing file transformation. They are adopting the cloud as part of their workflow and do not want to disrupt operations. While they are pursuing hybrid cloud storage, cloud storage is not organized in the same way as on-premises storage. Another challenge is moving existing workflows based on traditional storage to efficiently use the cloud object which is completely different in nature. Migration typically is not smooth – usually taking more time and money than expected.

The Journey

Cloud infrastructure is appealing for several reasons: complexity reduction, cost optimization, distributed workflows, remote collaboration, scalability, resilience, and extra functionality.

However, many companies are still hesitant to move to the cloud due to concerns around compliance, performance, legacy application and workflows, cost, business model, and fear of change.

Hybrid solutions are the overlap between cloud and on-premises. A shift by cloud providers by introducing hybrid and edge concepts with “cloud-first” workflows and solutions.

On-Prem First

When “cloud-first” is not good enough, on-prem first addresses internet dependency, mission-critical operations – no desertion of deprecation of data -- address the fear factor and provide a reversible first step.

Tiger Bridge is a mission-critical hybrid solution with the ability to create an “on-prem first” hybrid solution that blends file system and object storage, full application transparency, wide applicability, and a preferred first step.

Tiger Bridge has no database (a point of failure), partial restore, dynamically populates, stub files, direct file system support (no SMB/NFS), software only, restore optimize, bidirectional synchronization, installation, and removal.

The key risk factors affecting the adoption decision for enterprise companies are vendor lock-in and disruption. Complexity and cost tend to be the key risk factors for SMBs and consumers.

Tiger Bridge addresses the risk factors for a successful cloud transformation with no vendor lock, low complexity, low cost, no disruption.


Tiger Technology is used for continuous data protection, storage extension, disaster recovery, backup and archive, multi-site collaboration, cloud migration, remote workflows, and as a link to cloud services.

Video surveillance data is big data. Tiger Bridge works with the data size and growth rate of video surveillance data.

A hardware gateway does not work for surveillance solutions. If service goes out you have no access to your data. Storage Bridge for XProtect sees all data as local and accessible. For disaster recovery, there is an off-site protection copy of data in the cloud. There is also a storage extension into the cloud to minimize local storage requirements and seamless integration at the file system level.


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