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Ahana Debuts Free Community Edition of Ahana Cloud for Presto for the Open Data Lakehouse

Additional $7.2 MM funding supports the development, promotion of, and support for the Presto community validating the demand for the open-data lakehouse.

Ahana, a Software as a Service firm for Presto, announced that $7.2 million in Series A funding has been invested by Liberty Global Ventures with the support of existing investor GV. $32 million has been raised to date. Liberty Global is a leading worldwide broadband, video, and mobile communications company. With this investment, the company's Series A financing has risen to $27.2 million. Ankur Prakash, Partner at Liberty Global Ventures, will serve as an Ahana Board Observer.

According to Steven Mih, CEO and Co-founder of Ahana, the additional funding will be used in three areas: 1) to continue the development and innovation of Presto for the community, 2) to grow the awareness and adoption of Presto for open data lakehouses, and 3) grow the go-to-market team in response to client demands.

Free Presto Community Edition

The Ahana Cloud for Presto Community Edition is now available. It reduces the cost and effort required to deploy, manage, and integrate Presto, an open-source distributed SQL query engine, for the Open Data Lakehouse. The Ahana Community Edition is available to everyone who runs the PrestoDB Sandbox on DockerHub, including the 100,000+ downloads.

It offers free, simple Presto cluster provisioning and tuned configurations, enabling companies of all sizes to use Presto to process their data. Rather than downloading and installing the open-source Presto software, companies can quickly discover the possibilities of SQL data lakes in the cloud with Community Edition. Enhanced security is available with Ahana Cloud for Presto, including integration with Apache Ranger and AWS Lake Formation, as well as price-performance benefits like multi-level caching and enterprise-level support.

“Over the past year we’ve focused on bringing the easiest managed service for Presto to market, and today we’re thrilled to announce a forever-free community edition to drive more adoption of Presto across the broader open source user community. Our belief in Presto as the best SQL query engine for the Open Data Lakehouse is underscored by our new relationship with Liberty Global,” said Steven. “With the new Ahana Cloud Community Edition on AWS, open source users have another option for their AWS deployment of Presto. If you want to run Presto open source on AWS, the Ahana Community Edition is the quickest, free way to get started and run analytics on data lakes with Presto."

“Today we’re seeing more companies embrace cloud-based technologies to deliver superior customer experiences. An underlying architectural pattern is the leveraging of an Open Data Lakehouse, a more flexible stack that solves for the high costs, lock-in, and limitations of the traditional data warehouse,” said Ankur Prakash, Partner, Liberty Global Ventures. “Ahana has innovated to address these challenges with its industry-leading approach to bring the most high-performing, cost-effective SQL query engine to data platforms teams. Our investment in Ahana reflects our commitment to drive more value for businesses, specifically in the next evolution of the data warehouse to Open Data Lakehouses.”

Details of Ahana Cloud for Presto Community Edition, include:

  • Free to use, forever

  • Use of Presto in an Open Data Lakehouse with open file formats like Apache Parquet and advanced lake data management like Apache Hudi

  • A single Presto cluster with all supported instance types except Graviton

  • Pre-configured integrations to multiple data sources including the Hive Metastore for Amazon S3, Amazon OpenSearch, Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, and Amazon Redshift

  • Community support through the public Ahana Community Slack channel plus a free 45-minute onboarding session with an Ahana Presto engineer

  • Seamless upgrade to the full version which includes enterprise features like data access control, autoscaling, multi-level caching, and SLA-based support

“Enterprises continue to embrace ‘lake house’ platforms that apply SQL structures and querying capabilities to cloud-native object stores,” said Kevin Petrie, VP of Research, Eckerson Group. “Ahana’s new Community Edition for Presto offers a SQL query engine that can help advance market adoption of the lake house.”


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