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Arcion Cloud-Native Data Mobility Platform Enables Enterprises to Move Large Data in Real-Time

To fully leverage data to drive real-time decision-making it must flow freely between databases and platforms.

Arcion is the only cloud-native, change data capture (CDC)-based data mobility platform. It accelerates data mobilization across applications, transactional databases, and cloud platforms through high-performance, high-availability, and auto-scalable data pipelines in minutes rather than months.

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Gary Hagemueller, CEO to learn how Arcion's data mobility platform was helping connect the $125 billion cloud data ecosystem with transactional databases and cloud warehouses.

The Data Mobilization Challenge

According to Gary, modern applications should live where they're best architected. Access to source data in real-time should be table stakes, not a challenge. Mobilizing SaaS data only requires usability and breadth; however, it's easier said than done. Transactional and operations data are trapped by design. Systems with real-time data don't play well with others.

Mobilizing platform data is complex and demanding. Enterprise-grade CDC does not touch production data stores. It reads off the logs. Essentially it requires building a database without the repository. Logs are not structured data stores. However, there is an easy solution.

“Over the last 25 years of selling into enterprises, I’ve seen all my customers struggle with a lack of access to real-time data. This lack of access always resulted in apps that generated limited business value, brittle data pipes, broken applications, and countless missed opportunities,” said Hagmueller. “When I came to understand what Arcion does, I was blown away. Arcion has developed a unique, category-defining product that enables companies to extract maximum value from their own data, instantaneously and without the need for an army of data engineers. I can’t wait to introduce Arcion to the broader market so that companies modernizing their data architectures can experience just how transformational this platform is.”

Data Mobilization Platform

Arcion's data mobilization platform enables the creation of valuable applications anywhere. It connects via an enterprise-grade distributed CDC to stream real-time data, reduce cloud spend, with any-to-any platform mobilization, and 20+ hardened source and target connectors.

The platform learns critical data attributes from the source by identifying table and subject links, seeing keys, relationships across tables, correlations, properties, and distributions, viewing explainable metadata, and m=normalizes schema (e.g. Mongo to Snowflake).

The platform is managed via a cloud-native hub with a zero-code platform with an easy and intuitive interface, VPC or cloud, robust access controls, and data request queue for easy and secure source sharing.

No other solution has zero data loss architecture, zero code architecture, CDC using logs, and heterogeneous schema management to solve critical operation and IT constraints. It eliminates the cost to build pipes, reduces transport and compute spend, eliminates IT security threats, and auto-scales thereby creating elasticity. It enables enterprises to deploy high-performance, high-volume data pipelines in less than a minute rather than months to realize value from real-time data more quickly.

The Market

Most of Arcion's success to date is in the financial services and IT verticals. However, as more firms and more industries recognize the need for real-time data capture and analysis, I would expect rapid horizontal expansion driven by any company with a data service-based business.

The platform is especially attractive to chief data officers and data engineers who can introduce the solution to IT as a low-impact way to serve the needs of the data professionals and business owners without overcomplicating the lives of the IT team.


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