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Boomi Unveils AI Innovations and Strategic Acquisitions at Boomi World 2024

Game-changing AI innovations, strategic acquisitions, and a commitment to simplifying integration and automation for developers to rebuild applications with reason.

Boomi, a leading provider of cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS), hosted its annual conference, Boomi World 2024. Day two of the conference showcased a more technical look at the groundbreaking innovations and strategic acquisitions introduced on day one that promised to simplify and automate how developers, engineers, and architects approach integration and automation to rebuild all applications with reason.

AI-Powered Integration and Automation

One of the most exciting announcements at Boomi World 2024 was the introduction of the AI agent framework and AI-powered integration features. Matt McLarty, CTO at Boomi, explained, "We are fully embracing ETL and ELT in the next part of our journey in terms of investing in those use cases for our customers, and we will be placing it in the Data Management offering, but it will be available as part of your integration offering, hence the entire platform."

Matt continued: "We realize it's imperative to continue to audit and track AI agent activity and keep that from a data governance and compliance perspective.  You will know if AI is making changes or if someone is instructing AI to make changes. We're maintaining that and tracking that activity."

These AI-driven capabilities will enable developers to streamline their integration processes, automate repetitive tasks, and leverage the power of machine learning to optimize performance. Michael Bachman, Head of Architecture and AI Strategy at Boomi, added, "Well-trained agents will be able to remove the signal from the noise so that actionable outcomes can be achieved."

Michael added to the list of critical factors in the success of AI-driven activities: "We need a faster, more scalable communication network. And we have that with event streams. We also need good governance on who has access to what and the ability to control who has access to what. API Management will play a critical role in that sort of governance."

Strategic Acquisitions Bolster API Management

Boomi also announced strategic acquisitions of Mashery and APIIDA to enhance its API management capabilities. McLarty stated, "We're bringing these technologies together, and we're juicing up our roadmap in terms of all the great things we intend to bring to you and bring to market in a new enterprise-grade API Management offering."

These acquisitions will empower developers to manage and secure their APIs effectively, ensuring seamless integration across diverse systems and applications. Boomi aims to help organizations achieve greater agility and faster time-to-market by simplifying API management.

Customer Success Stories Highlight Real-World Impact

Boomi World 2024 featured inspiring customer success stories demonstrating the real-world impact of Boomi's integration and automation solutions. Bobby Newell, Senior Architect at TEREX Corporation, shared, "Boomi helped us to develop further to support APIs and be part of our API-first strategy to reuse code and reduce the cost of new development."

Bobby highlighted the benefits of Boomi's low-code platform: "It's just very easy to use. To use the platform effectively and use a lot of our existing processes, reusability to reuse and not have to redevelop code. We have seen a large increase in developer productivity."

Andrea Read, Application Development Manager at Convex, a specialty insurance company based in the UK, echoed similar sentiments, stating, "We've got around 200 APIs in production. Some of those are externally facing. Others are for internal integration. We've grown from nothing five years ago to be able to support that many APIs, which has helped us move from 0 to £4.2 billion in five years."

Andrea added: "API management has enabled us to build APIs and make them available to our brokers and cover holders so that they can integrate with us. It's just made life a lot easier. We can now do things that would have previously taken us maybe a couple of weeks to build in a few days."

These customer stories underscore the transformative power of Boomi's platform, enabling organizations to achieve rapid growth, improve efficiency, and drive innovation.

Simplifying the Developer Experience

Throughout Boomi World 2024, the company emphasized its commitment to simplifying the developer experience. McLarty highlighted the introduction of task automation, stating, "We're enabling centralized owner and centralized teams to offer an individual task automation service out to your line of business users to help with the functions they want to automate every day."

By providing intuitive tools and automating repetitive tasks, Boomi aims to empower developers to focus on high-value activities, accelerate development cycles, and improve overall productivity.


Boomi World 2024 showcased the company's unwavering commitment to empowering developers, engineers, and architects with cutting-edge AI innovations, streamlined integration capabilities, and enhanced API management. By simplifying complex processes and providing a robust, user-friendly platform, Boomi enables organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

McLarty encouraged everyone, "Let's think about things differently and be open to what's possible." Boomi's forward-thinking approach and dedication to customer success make it an indispensable partner for developers seeking to revolutionize their integration and automation strategies.


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