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Celebrating the Trailblazers: International Women in Engineering Day 2024

From AI to robotics, these innovators share insights on breaking barriers, driving innovation, and inspiring the next generation of female tech leaders.

As we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on June 23, 2024, we must recognize women's remarkable achievements and invaluable contributions to engineering. 

This global awareness campaign, celebrated annually, aims to highlight the accomplishments of women engineers and encourage more women to pursue careers in this dynamic and impactful industry. In this article, we bring together the insights and experiences of several exceptional women in technology who share their thoughts on the significance of this day and the importance of promoting diversity in the tech industry.

The Power of Diversity in Driving Innovation

Barkha Herman, Developer Advocate at StarTree, emphasizes diversity's critical role in driving innovation. 

"Diversity is crucial for driving innovation, not just a buzzword." "When women and underrepresented groups get equal opportunities, their unique perspectives propel technology forward, creating more inclusive products." 

Barkha highlights the transformative impact of a woman-led company that revolutionized the industry by turning defense robots into the first autonomous vacuum cleaners for homes. She urges us to continue breaking barriers and stereotypes to inspire future generations of women to pursue engineering and STEM careers.

Visibility and Representation Matter

ChanChan Mao, Developer Advocate at Alluxio, reflects on the growing representation of women in the tech industry and the importance of visibility. 

"I am always so in awe every time I attend tech events and conferences and see a woman on stage confidently speaking about her area of expertise." 

ChanChan emphasizes that our intelligence, passion, and innovative minds transcend gender labels and that opportunities for growth and leadership should be equally accessible to all. She celebrates the incredible potential of women in tech and encourages them to overcome gender stereotypes and excel in their careers.

Reflecting on Progress and Opportunities

Elisa La Roche, Senior Director of Support Engineering at Starburst, views International Women in Engineering Day as a moment to reflect on the progress and opportunities ahead. She acknowledges the female innovators who paved the way for diverse workforces that generate more innovative ideas and achieve higher-quality outcomes. Elisa encourages women passionate about engineering and technology to be curious and bold, and believe in the importance of their ideas. She emphasizes the significance of developing young women professionals and supporting early education programs to strengthen the engineering field for generations.

Celebrating Trailblazers and Inspiring the Next Generation

Elizabeth Dove, Digital and Analytics Consultant, finds immense significance in International Women in Engineering Day as it celebrates trailblazing women who have shattered glass ceilings and left an indelible mark on diverse engineering disciplines. She draws inspiration from role models like Stephanie Kwolek, the American chemist and inventor of Kevlar, who emphasized the importance of creating something "bigger than herself" that could save lives. Elizabeth believes that commemorating progress while acknowledging the work still needed to achieve true gender parity is crucial in inspiring the next generation of women in engineering.

The Importance of Confidence and Trust in Oneself

Margaret Hoagland, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at SIOS Technology, reminds women in engineering to be courageous and trust in themselves. 

"When you have something to say, know it is worth the wait." 

Margaret encourages women to pause, reflect, and speak purposefully, emphasizing that their voices matter, especially in STEM fields.

Breaking Stereotypes and Advancing Technology

Saadia Khan, VP of Engineering and DevOps at Hammerspace, has devoted her career to advancing technology and innovation while defying stereotypes. With notable successes, including patents and contributions to open-source software communities, Saadia believes that International Women in Engineering Day is crucial in showcasing women's invaluable contributions to engineering. She stresses the importance of sharing unique journeys, celebrating remarkable achievements, and igniting curiosity in the next generation of women to explore diverse opportunities in STEM fields.

Collaboration for Change

Annemie Vanoosterhout, Release and Project Manager at Datadobi, emphasizes the significance of collaboration in achieving gender equality in engineering. 

"Collaboration is the key to accomplishing change, and it should not be a solitary endeavor." 

Annemie highlights the potential of remote work in creating more flexible hours and benefiting women balancing family life and job responsibilities. She calls for a collective effort to challenge the status quo and pave the way for future generations of women engineers.

The Importance of Community and Representation

Amanda Kelly, Streamlit Product Director at Snowflake, provides a personal reflection on the significance of International Women in Engineering Day: 

"It is an opportunity to recognize not just all the great women who have paved the way and contributed so much to engineering — but to reflect on how the world is changing and where women are having an impact now." 

She shares her experience of often being the only woman in rooms filled with engineering leaders, emphasizing the importance of this day in connecting with peers and feeling part of a worldwide community.

The Importance of Diversity in Building Successful Teams

Prasanna Krishnan, Head of Collaboration and Horizon at Snowflake, views International Women in Engineering Day as a reminder of diversity's crucial role in building successful teams. 

"To me, International Women in Engineering Day is a reminder that diversity, on all dimensions, is important to building successful teams. Gender is one of those key dimensions." 

Prasanna emphasizes that this day serves dual purposes: celebrating achievements and prompting reflection on creating inclusive environments as technology rapidly evolves. She raises an important point about the future of technology, asking, "How do we minimize subconscious bias as GenAI is used to create content?" This question highlights the need for vigilance and proactive measures to ensure inclusivity in emerging technologies.


As we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2024, we honor the remarkable achievements of women engineers worldwide and reaffirm our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the technology industry. The insights shared by Barkha Herman, ChanChan Mao, Elisa La Roche, Elizabeth Dove, Margaret Hoagland, Saadia Khan, Annemie Vanoosterhout, Amanda Kelly, and Prasanna Krishnan highlight the multifaceted significance of this day. It serves as a platform for recognition, inspiration, community building, and reflection on the progress and challenges in achieving gender equality in engineering.

By showcasing women's unique perspectives, skills, and contributions in engineering, we can inspire the next generation of female innovators and create a more equitable future. Together, let us continue to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive engineering landscape.


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