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Continuous Data Protection and Recovery

Protect data and applications regardless of where they reside.

I had the opportunity to watch the keynote for ZertoCon 2021 where Ziv Kedem, CEO of Zerto shared findings from a new IDC survey on the State of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery:

  • 83% of organizations attacked by malware suffered data corruption in the past 12 months

  • 43% suffered unrecoverable data

  • 61% cited gaps between backups as the reason for data loss

  • 80% are covering mission-critical applications with a disaster recovery (DR) plan

  • 73% have DR in place for non-critical applications

  • 49% plan to replace or supplement backup DR in the next three years

  • 52% are investing more in data protection and DR

  • 87% are investing more in cloud-as-a-service solutions

According to ESG, cloud-based data protection is the new normal:

  • 69% are using backup-as-a-service

  • 60% are using DR-as-a-service

  • 57% are using cloud backup as their DR target

Zerto's vision is to backup data and business applications regardless of where they reside -- in private clouds, with MSPs, in public clouds, in next-gen PaaS, and SaaS.

Last year, Zerto introduced continuous backup using a journal that sits locally or remotely. The journal provides thousands of restore points separated by seconds in contrast to snapshots where restore points may be hours apart. The result is faster recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) with no production impact. Full applications have consistent backup and orchestrated backup workflows. There is long-term retention to disk, object, or cloud, with built-in analytics, for up to 30 years, and short-term retention in a local journal for up to 30 days. This provides seamless protection against logical failure and disaster while satisfying compliance needs.

Consistent with their vision, Zerto announced three new innovations during ZertoCon:

  • Zerto Backup for SaaS powered by KeepIt to protect against accidental data deletion and ransomware attacks while reducing compliance errors, and improving recoverability. In the shared responsibility model, protection for SaaS data falls on the customer, not the provider.

  • Zerto for Kubernetes and new public cloud capabilities for complete data protection capability in light of the demand for CI/CD to accelerate code development and production quickly and responsively.

  • Continuous Cloud Protection with new data protection solutions for AWS workloads. Backup and DR for Amazon EKS is a new offering that integrates backup and DR into the application deployment lifecycle for Amazon EKS. Organizations can now easily protect, recover, and move any Kubernetes application and its persistent data for a native, data protection as code experience.


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