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Datameer Disrupts Traditional Centralized Data Warehouse Model

Enterprises can run analytics at scale in any environment, across data silos, at a fraction of the cost.

IT Press Tour #38 had the opportunity to meet with Datameer who has spent the last 10+ years helping clients with their "oceans of data." The company has Fortune 100 clients in every major vertical and is especially strong in banking and financial services.

Over the last 10 years, large, mature enterprises have data landscapes that have become exponentially more complex and fragmented with the introduction of new enterprise data management technologies. Most large enterprises began with legacy on-premises data warehouses and data marts. As they moved to the cloud, they created cloud data warehouses and cloud object stores. Today, virtually everyone is operating hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

These complex architectures make finding, accessing, trusting, and leveraging all data in a timely manner for real-time decision-making quite challenging:

  • 73% of time is wasted on searching and preparing data. -- IDC

  • 60% of executives are not confident in their data and analytics insights. -- Forrester

  • More than 60% of data goes unused for analysis. -- Forrester

  • 20% of time wasted in reinventing the wheel/recreating analyses that had already been done. -- IDC.

Datameer is able to integrate into any existing data ecosystem. It deploys in any cloud. Integrates with existing catalogs. Integrates with existing data prep and ETL tools. Works with more than 200 data sources. Connects to ML and BI tools.

The Datameer Cloud Platform powers the full data life cycle from discovery, access, and transformation of data from disparate data sources to cataloging analytic artifacts and providing a framework for sharing results and context among analytic teams.

It unlocks and extends the value of cloud data warehouses by reducing the friction between controlling a modern data environment and accelerating analytical outcomes.

The Datameer Cloud Platform includes Datameer Spectrum to transform and move data and Datameer Spotlight for virtualized and push-down queries. One platform provides first-class features and customized UX for a variety of personas in individual, but integrated modules.

The solution empowers teams, reduces costs, and governs data. Business users, regardless of technical skills, can collaborate with data engineers to build data sets tailored to their exact business needs. This reduces the analytics lifecycle from months or weeks to hours.

Data engineering labor, ETL/ELT software consumption. and cloud compute costs are all reduced. You can trust the data sets your team is working with full data lineage, business glossary, annotations, and data quality tags. Reduced data governance chaos by reducing data replication. Search, find, and access any data for GDPR and CCPA for "right to forget" compliance.


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