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DDN and Shakti Announce Record-Breaking Results on the STAC-M3TM Benchmark for Financial Trading App

Speed needs speed.

The 41st IT Press Tour has the opportunity to meet with DDN, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-cloud data management solutions. They shared with us news about Shakti Software, the provider of next-gen ultra-high performance database analytics.

Today DDN and Shakti announced the record-breaking STAC-M3 Benchmark results with their integrated solution, which includes Shakti’s data platform running on a single client-server combined with DDN’s SFA200NVX storage appliance.

Shakti’s data platform was created by renowned computer scientist Arthur Whitney, who created the A+ programming language used by Morgan Stanley and founded the data analysis company KX.

Shakti, Whitney’s latest database analytics platform, has been proven to deliver results faster and more efficiently than previous versions of his software. Coupled with DDN’s EXAScaler appliances, the combined solution underscores the extreme efficiency and high performance that finance customers can achieve.

“Shakti was built to deliver data efficiency, hardware efficiency, and simplicity to financial institutions, and because DDN is synonymous with high performance, efficiency and flexibility, our partnership is a great match, “said Fintan Quill, director, Sales Engineering, Shakti Software. “Speed needs speed, and these results show the ability of DDN’s appliance to give great query performance, as seen in this test with a single server. With multiple nodes, DDN and shakti will further demonstrate the efficiency of the database.”

Peter Nabicht, President of the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) said, “We are pleased to welcome Shakti to the elite group of software providers who have authorized the public release of audited STAC-M3 Benchmark results. Financial firms on the STAC Benchmark Council designed STAC- M3 to test a representative range of business use cases, and the need for fast and efficient time-series analysis has never been higher.”

Noteworthy results from the baseline (Antuco) suite of STAC-M3 benchmark tests run on this shakti 2.01 solution include:

  • The highest storage efficiency (least storage used for the same database size) of any publicly reported solution.2

  • NBBO3 results 1.7x the speed of the best previously published results for a less-demanding version of the benchmark.

  • Faster in 3 of 17 mean-response time benchmarks versus a solution involving kdb+4, including 3.7x the speed in the version of Year-High Bid that allows caching5 and 3.3x the speed in NBBO6 vs. the less-demanding version of the benchmark.

The Shakti platform is interoperable with all server solutions, allowing financial institutions to easily experience the increase in efficiency and performance using existing servers when paired with DDN storage. With the Shakti platform, blocks of data are smaller in size – whether in the cloud or on-premise – as compared with other software platforms, allowing customers to truly take advantage of the unprecedented velocity found with DDN storage solutions leveraging a simple reference architecture.

“DDN storage is built to deliver the utmost in performance and efficiency to meet the most challenging data-intensive applications, and Shakti’s innovative platform is ideal to demonstrate just how much analysis and insight finance customers can achieve with the right infrastructure,” Dr. James Coomer, vice president of products, DDN. “These STAC results, along with our partnership, underscore the commitment DDN and Shakti have to deliver flexible, scalable, and blazingly fast solutions to the financial market.”


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