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Delivering and Advancing Intelligent Infrastructure

Leverage AI/ML to enable autonomous operations.

IT Press Tour #37 met with DDN, a leading storage player in AI, big data, multi-cloud, and high-performance computing (HPC).

COVID has driven high-performance, autonomous development at large-scale and demand for storage solutions with intelligent, hands-free operation to ensure a consistent, predictable remote user experience.

DDN has focused on serving enterprises that are benefitting from explosive data growth and the need to gain value from data in increasingly complex environments using fewer resources.

This enterprise customer imperative is to capture and understand resource and data insights in real-time to keep systems healthy and address business challenges and opportunities. Enterprises are increasingly considering and investing in highly scalable AI-driven solutions to bridge the gap between infrastructure resource growth and experts to manage resources.

What is intelligent infrastructure?

Intelligent infrastructure leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable autonomous operations. As a result, systems can self-optimize to accommodate application-specific behaviors, ensuring optimal performance for each workload while simultaneously reducing both operational overhead and gaps in IT skills.

To address today's challenges, DDN provides intelligent infrastructure by delivering hands-off operation with the autonomous work-from-home (VDI) solutions. Their clients are accelerating research and solutions for COVID with large-scale, high-performance storage.

To advance intelligent architecture, DDN brings together cutting-edge technology and is expanding its footprint across enterprise IT in all major industries to complement at-scale solutions.

The self-optimized approach reduces 95% of management effort and cost by collecting, analyzing, and presenting information at the right level of granularity to provide real-time insights, predictive analytics, and autonomous action.

The Future

The pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on IT investment priorities. There will be more automation, lower dependencies on the physical presence, more work from home, 5G acceleration to market, and web data growth acceleration.

DDN plans to deliver greater customer value through cross-pollination across their solutions. At-scale is made more intelligent with new application-aware platforms that enable users to see all their apps in real-time, identify rogue apps, and keep service levels high. They will also provide deep analytics for HPC and AI storage with rapid diagnostics of complex storage environments.

Unified storage is simpler and more scalable with new NAS services in the Intelliflash platform which also leverages appliance technology to add high performance, high density, and efficiency.

VMstore gets faster and serves more of the data center with faster appliances. NVMe is coming soon. There is application of VM management to more data center objects.

EXA5 provides a complete data environment on any scale. It provides the highest performance for AI and HPC to accelerate research and business. It handles flexible data environments that evolve with changing workloads and provides easy visibility and better control over production workloads and systems.

Tintri drives intelligent infrastructure by providing powerful insight and automation by understanding the correlation between infrastructure data and applications. This results in zero guesswork for performance and capacity planning and provides intuitive visibility into complex environments.

Tintri SQL integrated storage simplifies and automates management for SQL server databases. The patented integration with SQL server drives efficiencies, empowers DBAs, and delivers consistent UX.


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