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Development Platform for Data Protection

SaaS solutions now have a way to secure and protect customer data.

The 48th IT Press Tour had the opportunity to attend a private screen event with HYCU where Simon Taylor, CEO and Founder, introduced their solution to securing SaaS applications and data. HYCU exists to eliminate data silos and provide end-to-end data protection.

Data Silos are Exploding

The number of silos is growing daily. There are now more than 17,000 SaaS vendors in the U.S. alone. SaaS applications make up 70% of total company software use. The average company uses 217 SaaS services.

Few CSOs and CISOs know all of the SaaS tools being used in their organization let alone what is and is not backed up.

Cloud Adoption Continues to Grow

More than four in five companies plan to increase investment in hybrid or multi-cloud. Nearly nine in ten Fortune 500 companies plan to revise their cloud infrastructure in the next year. Hybrid and multi-cloud solve complex business needs and improve the bottom line. Most companies chose hybrid or multi-cloud as a proactive business strategy while 95% say it helps solve complex business needs and improves the bottom line.

Evolution of IT and Applications

The rise of data silos creates an increasingly complex environment to manage and protect. 20 years ago applications were all on-premises. 10 years ago they were on-premises, in a public cloud, with only a couple of SaaS applications -- Salesforce and GSuite. Five years ago we had on-premises, IaaS, PaaS & DBaaS, with SaaS. Today, there are more SaaS applications than everything else combined.

Many users assume their SaaS, PaaS, and DBaaS are protected. However, the only thing that is protected is what's on-premises, and maybe some IaaS.

SaaS Data Protection

77% of business-critical data is not protected. There is one ransomware attack every 11 seconds with ransomware-as-a-service being offered on the dark web for $100. All of these virtual SaaS applications are creating a perfect storm for a massive rise in cybercrime.

More than half of the world's companies have experienced a ransomware attack on SaaS applications with a 52% success rate.

Fewer than 10 of the 17,000 SaaS applications are protected by vendors in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

A couple of companies are trying to help. Okta provides single-sign-on to thousands of SaaS vendors worldwide allowing them to securely manage SaaS services and regain control of their data. ExtraHop is a monitoring system that uses machine learning to show application behavior, including dependency mapping.

Traditional data protection does not work in the new world. Backup companies identify the largest enterprise markets to pursue and build backup one slow source at a time. While there are companies backing up VMware and AWS, more than 17,000 SaaS offerings are under-protected and users are at risk of losing invaluable data.

Lack of Protection is a Real Problem for SaaS Vendors

Enterprise CIOs are hesitant to roll out SaaS offerings organization-wide without understanding how data is protected.

Small SaaS vendors often place data protection on the back burner leaving customer data exposed to accidental deletion and ransomware attacks.

Without resources, expertise, or a backup vendor that believes in them, SaaS vendors are defenseless.

The stalemate between backup vendors and SaaS vendors leaves companies using SaaS solutions, and their data, vulnerable.

Solution: The World's First Development Platform for Data Protection

R-Cloud is a low-code platform for data protection that enables any SaaS company to add backup and recovery in three days.

According to Subbiah Sundaram, SVP of Products at HYCU, they built R-Cloud to make it easy to use and log in to Okta, Google, Microsoft, and more. Once the user is logged in, they can discover the infrastructure and know the SaaS solutions being used in the organization.

Checkmarks on the tree graph in the dashboards make it easy to see what is and is not protected.

Views and SaaS solutions can be categorized by organizational division (engineering, HR, IT, operations, marketing). UI-based granular recovery enables users to specify what to backup and how.

The HYCU Protege marketplace provides purpose-built Data Protection-as-a-Service for workloads running on many environments including Salesforce, Okta, Jira, Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Amazon DRS, and more. This enables customers to protect, recover and migrate workloads within minutes with zero management, maintenance, or impact on their applications.


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