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Empowering Developers with Streamlit and Snowflake's Unified Data Cloud

Discover how Streamlit and Snowflake are revolutionizing app development by enabling developers to create data-driven applications easily.

Snowflake, the leading data cloud company, has been making waves in the industry with its innovative platform and strategic acquisitions. One such acquisition that has garnered significant attention is Streamlit, a powerful open-source framework for creating data applications. 

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Amanda Kelly, Director of Streamlit and Product Experiences at Snowflake, to discuss how Streamlit fits into Snowflake's vision of a unified data cloud and its impact on developers, engineers, and architects.

The Perfect Fit: Streamlit and Snowflake

When asked about the decision to acquire Streamlit, Kelly explained it was a serendipitous match. "We happened to fit a very Streamlit-sized hole in Snowflake's broader strategy," she said. Snowflake recognized the need for a user interface layer that could work seamlessly with their data platform, and Streamlit's Python-based framework was the perfect solution.

"Snowflake is completely true when they say we are one unified product," Kelly emphasized. The integration of Streamlit into Snowflake's platform has been a deliberate process, ensuring that the security, governance, and performance guarantees remain intact.

Empowering Developers in the AI Era

Developers face new challenges adapting to evolving technologies as the industry shifts towards AI-driven applications. Kelly highlighted the importance of curiosity and continuous learning in this rapidly changing landscape. "Developers who succeed best are the curious ones," she stated. "They're the ones who go out there and say, 'Maybe I'm not a Python expert, but in my spare time, I'm going to take a course and learn something new.'"

As Kelly calls it, Streamlit's "fun code" approach has been instrumental in making app development more enjoyable and accessible for developers. Streamlit enables developers to create interactive web applications quickly and efficiently by providing a Python-based framework with easy-to-use components.

Enabling Rapid Development of AI-Powered Applications

One of the key highlights of the Snowflake Builder's Keynote was the demo showcasing how Tasty Bytes leveraged Snowflake's platform to implement generative AI solutions. Kelly emphasized that the success of these AI-powered applications relies heavily on the quality of the underlying data.

"Nothing that we add in terms of search or chat is any good unless the data underneath it is good," she explained. Snowflake's focus on providing a robust data platform ensures that developers have access to high-quality, well-governed data, which is the foundation for building intelligent applications.

Streamlit's integration with Snowflake's AI capabilities, such as Cortex search, vector search, and LLM support, enables developers to prototype and deploy AI-powered applications rapidly. "Streamlit and the Streamlit integration with things like our chat components make it very easy to prototype and make these types of analyses," Kelly noted.

Breaking Down Silos and Fostering Collaboration

One of the critical benefits of Snowflake's unified platform approach is its ability to break down silos between data scientists and application developers. Kelly highlighted how Snowpark and Streamlit facilitate better collaboration between these teams.

"Snowpark has data in the right place to be performant," she explained. "Without real-time conversations, you can't have a successful collaboration." By making data easily accessible and enabling rapid iteration, Snowflake empowers teams to work together more effectively.

Kelly shared an example of how Streamlit has transformed development timelines. "I regularly talk to companies where they're like, 'We built this thing in six months. We built it again in six days in Streamlit,'" she said. This drastic reduction in development time allows for faster feedback loops and more efficient collaboration.

The Power of the Snowflake Marketplace

The Snowflake Marketplace has become a destination for developers, engineers, and architects to discover and integrate cutting-edge technologies into their projects. Kelly expressed her excitement about the marketplace's potential, particularly the internal market, which allows organizations to curate and create custom solutions.

"It's incredibly empowering, especially for business users and analysts," she said. The marketplace provides access to a wide range of tools and applications and simplifies the onboarding and integration process.

Looking Ahead: The Future of App Development

As Snowflake continues to evolve its platform and empower developers, the future of app development looks brighter than ever. With the combination of Streamlit's easy-to-use framework and Snowflake's robust data capabilities, developers can focus on building innovative, data-driven applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Kelly's insights highlight the importance of embracing change, fostering collaboration, and leveraging the right tools to accelerate development. As the industry moves towards an AI-driven future, Snowflake and Streamlit are at the forefront, providing developers with the resources they need to create intelligent, scalable, and secure applications.


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