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Enhanced Kubernetes Platform for Automation and Orchestration

Eliminates the need for Kubernetes and storage expertise.

I had the opportunity to meet with Brooke Frischemeier, Senior Director 5G and Edge at as part of the 40th IT Press Tour.

Robin accelerates deployment and automates lifecycle management of enterprise stateful 5G and edge application of Kubernetes. They've worked with Rakuten for two years building the world's first end-to-end 5G network and the world's first deployment of cloud-native 5G stack in production.

They are helping customers save on both CAPEX and OPEX. They provide a 40% reduction on OpEx scalable orchestration and automation for RAN and Core. 50% reduction in CapEx by enabling Open RAN and Core on commercial hardware. 80% reduction in deployment time from 10 days to minutes. 30% faster for running virtual network functions versus legacy and cloud-native network functions.

They are proven at scale with 6 PB big data apps with Palo Alto Networks, 2.5 PB ELK, Kafka, 300 nodes with USAA, and 400 production databases with Sabre.

The platform also enables applications to run better. It's easy to use, doesn't require experts, and reduces time to outcome. Removes operations and resource silos. Is able to adapt rapidly and flexibly with high performance and massive scale.

Robin builds the industry's most enhanced Kubernetes platform and bare metal to services automation suite deployable in both private and all major public clouds. In a single click or automated event, they are able to install, upgrade, and manage every aspect from bare metal to bring up service lifecycle management.

Robin deploys and manages the entire service stack with pre-integrated lifecycle automation and a comprehensive multi-tenant observability stack.

Robin and Rakuten Mobile deployed the industry's first production, end-to-end, containerized 5G solution. In this deployment, Robin demonstrated improved performance with better resource utilization while reducing operations silos and lifecycle timelines from days to minutes.

Robin's cloud-native platform provides planning tools, application-aware storage, advanced declarative workload placement, and carrier-grade networking. Pre-integrated lifecycle management provides one-click or API-driven end-to-end automation to deploy, scale, heal, snapshot, clone, backup entire application pipelines. This results in better-performing VMs and containers.

Robin is declarative and easy to use with no Kubernetes (K8s) experience needed. The entire application pipeline is up and running in minutes, not days. All non-uniform memory access (NUMA) and networking components are modeled into the service and auto-discovered. K8s components are auto-created. Storage and networking are provisioned and data-locality, anti/affinity, NUMA-aware policies are enforced.

Everything is modeled as a variable -- discovery, observability, life cycle states, inventory, policy, and autoscaling. This cannot be replicated by legacy designs. There's no hunting for specific configuration details and no hardcoding.


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