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European Data Protection

The IT Press Tour had the opportunity to meet with Atempo. 2020 has seen an increase in cyber criminality, remote work, and increased demand for and concern over legal and compliance issues.

Atempo is building a trusted ecosystem to address these demands and concerns. European market and legal institutions are increasingly looking for European software solutions. Compliance issues like Privacy Shield, have impacted many European public and private institutions.

Atempo Tina enterprise solution for backup and recovery has a new web user interface for an optimized user experience. The key customer benefits are the ability to monitor and manage heterogeneous environments, easier use for IT administrators, centralized monitoring and management console, fast search for backup and agents, and easy and quick restore of virtual environments.

Tina addresses Microsoft Office 365 customer needs by preventing data loss and security breaches on OneDrive data and extending Microsoft's 90-day retention policy. Existing Office 365 deployments can integrate with existing Tina backup environments.

Tina offers direct backup to the cloud. The roadmap for 2021 includes expanded support for virtual environments including Nutanix AHV, Huawei FusionCompute, and KVM. There will also be enhanced compatibility to cloud SaaS applications like Salesforce.

Atempo Lina, backup for workstations and laptops, is seeing more adoption as remote working has increased during COVID-19. 55% of businesses globally offer some capacity for remote working. 18% of the worldwide workforce is working remotely on a full-time basis. We are reimagining our societies and reinventing the way we work. Shopping, working, and learning online are taking place at a scale never seen before.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, companies are benefitting since they save $11,000 a year for every employee that works remotely part-time. 30% of remote workers save upward of $5,000 per year.

54% of IT professionals that remote working is a major security risk. COVID-19 drove phishing emails up 667% in less than a month. Cybercriminal attacks were targeting healthcare long before the COVID-19 crisis. Ransomeware attacks have become more sophisticated, targeting public and private organizations.

The consequences of a data breach are severe with financial loss, a tarnished reputation, operational disruptions (60% of SMBs close within six months of a cyberattack), and there are long-term legal implications and expenses.

Backup is the final line of defense. Lina is a transparent solution for both systems and data protection. It provides end-user autonomy, as well as a powerful and flexible solution for administrators. Continuous data protection is achieved with an architecture adapted to data centers, remote sites, and mobile users. Deduplication is optimized for both storage and network. Data is encrypted and stored in blocks in the repository.

Atempo Miria is a holistic data management solution for movement, migration, backup, and archiving. Move data where necessary with direct and shared access for remote teams while maintaining a high level of security. Migrate large data volumes and billions of files efficiently between heterogeneous storage and file systems. Rapidly back up data from damage and loss and ensure lasting protection from a single, centralized platform. Free up storage space on high-performing primary storage and manage storage growth requirements.

Miria was initially designed to help partners with specific synchronization requirements. In 2020, the solution was massively adopted and promoted by systems integrators and storage vendors including DDN, Qumulo, Nutanix, and Huawei. It empowers partners with a dedicated user interface to simplify project migration deployment and reduce migration time and risk. Enables the user to end vendor lock-in.

The product roadmap for 2021 includes analytics for data assessment and data management. Disaster recovery data protection for large unstructured data environments. A new hardware security module for seamless and cost-optimized tiering.


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