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Index Engines’ Cybersense Delivers Unparalleled Ransomware Detection With 99.99% Accuracy

Index Engines announces an industry-first 99.99% SLA for CyberSense to accurately detect ransomware corruption, empowering organizations with smarter recovery strategies.

In the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape, organizations constantly seek innovative solutions to bolster their cyber resilience. Index Engines, a leading cybersecurity company, has taken a significant step forward in this direction by announcing an industry-first 99.99% service level agreement (SLA) for their CyberSense product to detect corruption due to ransomware accurately. Jim McGann, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Index Engines, shared the news during the 56th IT Press Tour.

The Cost of Ransomware

The impact of ransomware attacks on businesses can be devastating. According to recent statistics, the average cost of a ransomware breach is a staggering $5.13 million, with companies experiencing an average downtime of 22 days after an attack. These figures underscore the critical importance of robust data protection strategies.

Traditional Methods Fall Short

Conventional data protection methods often fail in the face of sophisticated ransomware threats. These methods primarily focus on identifying obvious indicators of data compromise, such as unusual changes in compression, metadata, and thresholds. However, advanced ransomware variants can easily bypass these indicators.

Moreover, traditional approaches often fail to provide the insight required for a more intelligent recovery process, leading to frequent false positives and negatives. This lack of accuracy can significantly hamper an organization's ability to respond effectively to a ransomware attack.

CyberSense: AI-Powered Ransomware Detection

Index Engines' CyberSense addresses these challenges head-on. Powered by advanced AI-based analysis and full-content data inspection, CyberSense ensures the detection of even the most sophisticated corruption caused by the latest ransomware variants.

The 99.99% SLA announced by Index Engines is a testament to CyberSense's effectiveness in detecting ransomware corruption. This level of accuracy empowers organizations to devise smarter recovery strategies, minimizing the impact of ransomware attacks on their business operations.

Rigorous Testing and Validation

The CyberSense 99.99% SLA has been validated through rigorous testing against real-world scenarios using live ransomware. Index Engines leverages AI to perform deep content inspection, achieving unprecedented accuracy in detecting data corruption.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a leading research and analyst firm, thoroughly reviewed CyberSense's machine learning process. Alex Arcilla, Senior Analyst of validation Services at ESG, commented, "ESG was guided through the comprehensive machine learning process that feeds the CyberSense AI-engine, which leverages thousands of actual ransomware variants, sophisticated intermittent encryption variants, tens of millions of data sets along with backup data sets to test the AI. Ultimately, the results were greater than 99.99% in detecting signs of corruption confidently."

Setting the Standard for Data Resilience

Jim McGann emphasized the significance of this new SLA, stating, "This new SLA sets the standard for data resilience in cyber storage. Existing storage platforms must upgrade their capabilities to support intelligent recovery from ransomware attacks. Our strategic partners, including Dell and Infinidat, benefit from our new SLA to provide their customers with enhanced resiliency, minimizing bad actors' impact on their business operations."

Continuous Validation and Minimizing Downtime

Modern ransomware variants increasingly employ stealth corruption techniques, making continuous data integrity validation crucial to minimizing downtime and simplifying recovery processes. Without the level of accuracy provided by CyberSense, organizations remain vulnerable to ransomware attacks, facing prolonged downtime and complex recovery procedures that can severely impact their operations.

Arcilla from ESG further noted, "I was greatly impressed with the thorough and ongoing measures Index Engines takes to train its AI to uphold their 99.99% confidence standards, along with its roadmap to improve its ability to detect ransomware corruption with even greater accuracy."

Widespread Deployment and Strategic Partnerships

CyberSense is currently deployed at thousands of organizations worldwide and is sold through strategic partnerships with leading industry players. Notable partnerships include Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, Infinidat Infinisafe with Cyber Detection, and IBM Storage Sentinel.

Looking Ahead

As ransomware threats evolve, organizations must stay vigilant and adopt advanced solutions to safeguard their data and maintain business continuity. Index Engines' CyberSense, with its industry-leading 99.99% SLA for ransomware corruption detection, offers organizations a powerful tool to enhance their cyber resilience.

By leveraging AI-powered analytics and deep content inspection, CyberSense enables organizations to detect ransomware corruption with unparalleled accuracy, facilitating rapid recovery and minimizing the impact of attacks.

Jim McGann stated during the presentation, "We're happy with our success. And I think we're doing some pretty cool stuff." Index Engines' commitment to innovation and its strategic partnerships position CyberSense as a game-changer in the fight against ransomware.


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