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IT Resilience Leadership

KIND Snacks is the Inaugural “IT Resilience Innovator”

Zerto has begun recognizing “IT Resilience Innovators” with a new program created to highlight organizations that are building uninterrupted technology, moving beyond traditional IT, and pushing the boundaries of digital transformation to provide customers with a seamless and optimized user (UX) and customer experience (CX) that’s necessary to be a successful business today.

The IT Resilience Innovator program focuses on organizations and IT professionals who are adopting resiliency projects and initiatives to drive digital transformation and inspire others to think differently about legacy approaches to data protection.

Through these projects, IT Resilience Innovators are ushering in the future of IT and setting their business up for success. They are leveraging new techniques and technology and leading the IT industry in the areas of disaster recovery (DR), data protection, and cloud with the ultimate goal being to protect their business from any disruption.

To determine if a company qualifies as an IT Resilience Leader, they answer three questions:

  1. What specific innovative IT projects or initiatives are you working on that are driving your business forward ahead of industry standards?

  2. What were your 2019 accomplishments around digital transformation and making your IT and business more resilient?

  3. What are your goals to make your IT infrastructure and business more resilient in 2020 and beyond?

KIND Snacks is being recognized as the first IT Resilience Innovator for its approach to resilience and disaster recovery, which it views as a strategic priority to keep its 24/7 business running. In 2019, the company re-engineered and redesigned its e-commerce platform with a modernization initiative that has enabled them to remain agile and resilient in the face of COVID-19. From operations to reporting, to packaging, their ability to quickly pivot in the changing market and accommodate shopper needs in real-time during an unprecedented pandemic makes them stand out as an IT Resilience Innovator.

According to Joe Jbeily, Senior Manager, Infrastructure and Security Operations at KIND Snacks, “On our journey to IT resilience we learned we can’t just protect one application - we need to protect the whole company from our ERP to everything else.”

“To keep up with the changing demands of their customers, companies need to offer 100% uptime, and, to get there, they will have to look outside of traditional backup capabilities,” explained Avi Raichel, CIO at Zerto. “Unlike many other organizations that wait for a disaster to strike before investing in a disaster recovery solution, KIND has been prioritizing DR for years as a way to stay up and running in the event of a problem. It’s an approach that deserves recognition as an example of best practice.”


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