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Most Popular Technology Posts

The most popular posts are about Java, Microservices, Event-Driven Architecture, DevOps, and APIs.

I joined DZone to help them market and sell their SaaS collaboration tool, AnswerHub. I began by interviewing the leadership team to understand the vision, mission, values, and strategic positioning of the solution.

Following my research, I wrote 60 blogs posts which helped double traffic and increase leads 15% in three months. That's when the CEO asked me to begin interviewing IT executives and writing about what learned.

Over the next four years, I interviewed more than 3,000 people and wrote nearly 1,500 posts. Here are the top 10:

If you'd like to access more of the content I wrote for DZone, click here.

Let me know if I can help you or your company with research and creating information of value.


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