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Multi-Cloud Data Protection

Your data, your cloud, yours to control.

The IT Press Tour had the opportunity to meet with the HYCU management team to learn how their business has evolved.

HYCU is an enterprise-class, multi-cloud data protection solution that helps enterprises realize a successful hybrid cloud strategy using data assurance, data mobility, and disaster recovery (DR).

HYCU provides application and database-aware data protection, data mobility, and DR throughout the cloud journey. HYCU on-prem is a diverse platform or support with agentless backup snd recovery, migration, and DR capabilities. Users can move workloads between on-prem and cloud with DR capabilities. HYCU in the cloud provides multi-cloud support with agentless backups, migration, provided as a SaaS offering.

HYCU Protege enables multi-cloud data management, migration, and DR under a single pane of glass. HYCU is purpose-built, native to each cloud, with the same terminology, look, and feel. It's built to dynamically scale up and down with the cloud, agentless by design, and offered as a service. Simple to use with one-click backup, one-click migration, and offered as a service. Enterprise-ready with patented application awareness, application and database support, and RTO assurance.

Everything just worked. Without any disruptions, fire drills, or downtime. None. We rely on HYCU, running certified on AOS+AHVm as a key component of our enterprise BCP solution. -- Wendy Pfeiffer, CIO, Nutanix

HYCU Protege is now available for Microsoft Office 365 which needs to be backed up to protect against accidental or malicious modifications/deletions. Enterprises need to be compliant with legal obligations for retaining data, especially communication data, for longer periods of time.

HYCU Protege for O365 has five core values: 1) automated protection as-a-service; 2) 360-degree protection of O365; 3) flexible recovery options; 4) compliant and vigilant around the clock; and, 5) security at every level. Automated protection as-a-service saves time, energy, and money. There is no maintenance, no upgrades, no deployment requirements, and no backup management with auto-scheduling and backup target provisioning. Protect all O365 from data corruption, malicious deletion, and malware/ransomware attacks. Easily recover O365 assets from any business loss situation. Keep tabs on email activity to ensure the safety of business-critical and proprietary data. Safeguard from risks and costly penalties by ensuring backup compliance of all O365 assets.

HYCU provides expanded ransomware protection with immutable backup and WORM-aware target management. HYCU automatically recognizes WORM enables S3 or S3-compliant targets like Nutanix Objects and adapts itself to handle such targets. HYCU supports legal holds for compliance needs preventing manual backup deletion, and even disable backup expiration during emergencies. HYCU can provide source-to-cloud target encryption for double protection.

HYCU provides expanded smart data protection with the agentless backup of physical Linux servers. Impact-free backups of RHEL and OEL physical servers. Network throttles to optimize backup traffic and prevent flooding of network with backup, copies, and archive traffic.


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