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Multi-Cloud Data Protection, Backup & Recovery, and Monitoring

New cloud service provider program expands opportunities for partners.

I had the opportunity to meet with Simon Taylor, CEO and Subbiah Sundaram, V.P. of Products at HYCU during the 35th edition of the IT PRess Tour and about a year since I first met with them last year.

HYCU, originally purpose-built for Nutanix, has expanded with purpose-built backup and recovery for VMWare, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. They provide application and database aware data protection, data mobility, and disaster recovery throughout the cloud journey.

HYCU Protege is purpose-built for each cloud with an intelligent and native experience that is simple and enterprise-ready with application-aware, impact-free backups, agentless, built-in self-services, and multi-tenancy. The multi-cloud management layer fully protects application data migration, has one-click application disaster recovery, one-step SLO compliance, no additional infrastructure or software required, and it works across data centers, cloud, and remote sites.

While HYCU used to be 100% Nutanix, they are now generating 50% of their revenue as multi-cloud data protection service.

They are also introducing a program for cloud service providers (CSPs) to help them drive cloud customer value by accelerating customer adoption of public clouds, reducing the risk customers face during their cloud journey, reducing the operational expense, and delivering instant differentiation without any extra investment.

The program is composed of a comprehensive set of purpose-built solutions. A co-branded console for consolidated management across clouds. Self-service capabilities for rapid access to data for the end-user to ensure the CSP is delivering their SLAs and meeting customer needs.

The program streamlines operations with natively built-in multi-tenancy to enable efficient operations, service provider-focused APIs, and auto-scaling services.

Advisory services include access to HYCU and their success team, comprehensive and continuous training programs and curricula, consulting to streamline CSP ops, a certification program for partner professionals, and assistance with integrations into management frameworks.

The program will enable CSPs to expand into new revenue streams since co-branded solutions enable enhanced mindshare, and flexibility for monthly payments to pay as they get paid, as well as additional incentives.

Another key technology update was HYCU for Azure which enables the migration of workloads to Azure, protecting workloads on Azure, setting up Azure as a DR target, or for native workloads. HYCU for Azure is delivered as a service with no installation, dynamic auto-scaling, able to subscribe to the Azure marketplace, and integrated with Azure billing. The solution is purpose-built for Azure with VM snapshots for impact-free backups, Azure Active Directory for Azure security parity, and object storage for an efficient backup target.


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