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New Data Protection Offering

Local continuous backup and long-term retention to the public cloud.

I had the opportunity to speak with Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn, Director of Technical Marketing at Zerto about their new product releases. Zerto provides IT resilience in the face of business disruption with a scalable platform for disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility.

Since COVID-19, there are new, or more intense challenges, for the enterprise. Most employees are working remotely and any downtime or data loss hinders productivity. The amount of data and the number of sources continues to explode. Ransomware attacks are up 72% targeting remote workers. And companies are accelerating their move to the cloud to meet demand.

Legacy architecture tends to have disaster recovery to deal with infrastructure failure, natural disasters to protect mission-critical applications, and then back up with periodic snapshots to protect all other applications from user errors, corruption while meeting compliance and legal requirements.

To meet the new demand, Zerto is combining disaster recovery and backup to provide continuous data protection for all use cases. Zerto Data Protection (ZDP) delivers 50% TCO savings by reducing hardware needs, enabling recovery of data without downtime or data loss, and is priced for backup use cases. ZDP delivers:

  • Local Continuous Backup for Day-to-Day Backup Restores - local journaling technology allows you to recover without the data loss, downtime, or production impact that are inherent to traditional backup solutions ensuring business continuity and availability.

  • Long-Term Retention On-premises or in the Public Cloud - required for compliance and regulatory demands where data needs to be stored for months and years, data is incrementally copied from the journal into cost-effective storage on-premises or in the public cloud with Microsoft Azure and AWS, driving cost optimization and the elimination of problematic backup windows. Long-term retention is about adhering to compliance requirements while optimizing costs.

Zerto 8.5 offers support for cloud platforms. They’re starting with backup directly to Azure and AWS and will be adding all major cloud providers in the near future. It provides instant file and folder restore to production. Data reduction technology reduces the impact of network bandwidth and storage resources by 2X. Audit trail logging for all file restore operations to meet compliance and data governance requirements. Backup-specific administration roles for backup and recovery scenarios.

The new version includes VMware on Public Cloud Disaster Recovery and Data Protection for Microsoft’s new Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. It also has new automation features for lifecycle management to maintain, deploy, scale, and upgrade the data center. Updates include auto-evacuate and auto-populate for recovery hosts, cluster management, and encryption capabilities.

Gijsbert also previewed a new in-cloud data protection and disaster recovery offering on AWS, which protects applications across regions for cloud-native resilience. The platform offers simplicity and orchestration across all use cases, whether for businesses requiring recent data restores due to user error or disaster recovery from an infrastructure outage, cloud-first businesses, or businesses just starting their cloud journey.

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