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Observability Is All About the Data

SaaS observability means fewer incidents and more features.

The 42nd IT Press Tour had the opportunity to meet with Jeremy Burton, CEO, Ross Lazerowitzm Head of Product, and Jacob Leverich, Founder and VP of Engineering at Observe where they help clients understand why applications and infrastructure are running the way they are from the data they emit.

Their founding thesis is that enterprises are data-rich and information poor. Data is siled making it difficult to understand what's going on inside applications and infrastructure. The result is poor customer service, poor performance, engineering time wasted tracking down incidents, and exorbitant costs.

The Observe vision is to turn the world's machine-generated data into information with a streaming data processing platform, a lot of applications, and first app observability.

What is Observability?

"A measure of how well internal state of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs." -- Rudolph E. Kalman, On The General Theory of Control Systems

Observability is important today because every company is a software company and any problems can result in churn.

There have been massive changes in the IT environment over the last few years. We have gone from on-premises to cloud-native, from monolithic architectures to microservices architectures, from host-based applications to ephemeral applications, from delivery once a year to continuous delivery, and from monitoring known issues to investigate unknown issues.

Observability is a Data Problem

"Certainly, that's the data you need -- logs, metrics, and traces. But all of this needs to be placed and correlated into a topology so that we see the relationships between everything." -- Charley Rich, Gartner

Most enterprises have silos of data and no one has an overarching view of all of the data. Observe solves this by curating and relating all of the data. This enables users to find issues 10X faster, especially unknown issues.

Examples include:

  • “Show me the engineers that checked-in code which resulted in the sev 1 Zendesk tickets”

  • “Show me the customers we lost customers at each stage of our loan origination process”

  • “Show me the logs for customers in golf bays where the Angry Birds games crashed yesterday evening”

10X Lower Cost

Observe's pricing model is different. They charge for usage, not for ingesting bringing the AWS model of buying only what you need when you need it.


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